Xbox Series X stock will be hard to find at Christmas, warns Phil Spencer

Microsoft announced less than 48 hours ago that, due to the holiday sales period, it will reduce the price of Xbox Series S in all markets, reaching a price of $249.00. However, not everything is positive in relation to Microsoft’s current generation consoles, since Phil Spencer has confirmed that the Xbox Series X stock will be scarce during these dates, due to the shortage of components that has hit the market. for months.

This was confirmed by the Xbox boss through an interview with the Decoder program, from The Verge. And it is that, it seems that Microsoft is once again being a victim of the component crisis, which has prevented the company from being able to carry out the production of enough consoles to ensure that the stock of Xbox Series X is sufficient for the next dates summer

Stock Xbox Series X will be hard to find at Christmas, warns Phil Spencer
However, Spencer assured that this problem can be solved if we decide to get an Xbox Series S, an option that apparently will not be as affected as its older sibling, and that it will be present during the holidays: “The fact that we have an S console that is less expensive than our X console is helpful for families”

In addition, he also wanted to mention what Xbox Game Pass is capable of offering users in these difficult times, noting that ‘The fact that we have a subscription means that I do not have to pay $70 for each of my games, and that I can build my library differently.’

Be that as it may, if you have recently thought about jumping to the current generation of consoles, it is best that you take advantage of every loophole in the Xbox Series X stock that you see, or that you opt for an Xbox Series S, which seems to have a much higher availability. Highest on the market.

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