Xbox Physical Games to Stop Being Sold in These Stores, According to Report

According to various reports, major retail chains are gearing up to phase out physical formats for movies, music, and video games. Whether we like it or not, the industry is fully transitioning to digital formats, and it seems that Walmart will follow this trend, at least with Xbox games.

Josh Fairhurst, the executive manager of Limited Run Games, recently stated that it’s only a matter of time before the multinational company stops offering physical Xbox games in its U.S. branches. On the other hand, he made a forecast that was not well-received by players who still love physical games.

Xbox Physical Games Could Disappear from Walmart

In recent days, various sources reported that Best Buy is gearing up to stop selling movies, series, and other multimedia content in physical format. Fairhurst assures that Walmart will join this trend and cease to offer physical Xbox games in the future.

The executive alarmed some players with his statements, as he claimed that this trend will continue and grow larger in 2024. From his perspective, this will only make physical game sections increasingly smaller.

“I expect this trend to continue into 2024. I’ve heard rumors that Walmart will soon remove physical Xbox games, and I have to imagine there will be more cuts to physical game sections as we head into the next year,” said Fairhurst.

In response, players speculate that the time will come when stores will only sell consoles and cards with digital games or access to subscription services. While nothing was mentioned about it, fans fear that something similar may happen in the future with PlayStation and Nintendo.

However, it’s important to note that Walmart has not confirmed its plans to abandon the physical distribution of certain products, such as video games and movies. Despite this, reports suggest that various companies will begin implementing this measure in the United States starting in 2024.


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