Xbox is working together with Japan on a revolutionary product with "first class developers"

Microsoft has been looking to expand its brand in Japan for some time, where Nintendo and Sony dominate.

For some time now, Microsoft seems to have lost the battle in the Japanese market, since it is a territory in which it makes very little noise compared to Sony and, above all, Nintendo. However, there are plans to grow in the Asian market, with Xbox trying to gain more influence especially in Japan. That is why we are not surprised by the message that Matt Smith, responsible for producing games for Xbox Game Studios Publishing, has written a few days ago. In it, he talks about collaborating with Japanese developers on a revolutionary product for Xbox, and one that they need workers for.

Xbox’s own Matt Smith tweeted “My team at @XboxPublishing here in Japan is growing. We are working with top-class developers on truly groundbreaking product for @Xbox. DMs are open, happy to answer any questions.”

However, it is something that cannot be confirmed, and the only thing we can clarify is that when we talk about Xbox Game Studios Publishing, we refer to the Microsoft publisher in charge of games that are made by third parties, as in the case of Xbox Game Studios Publishing. Ori saga, for example. A few weeks ago, Microsoft celebrated 20 years of Xbox in Japan by sharing sales figures for its most successful consoles and video games, and it could be said that the push towards that market is having an effect. Its next-generation console, Xbox Series X, has already outsold the One achieved in four years, despite a semiconductor shortage affecting production


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