Xbox does not plan to launch another next generation console until 2028

Following Microsoft and Sony’s discussion on the Call of Duy deal, a multitude of documents appear to have been revealed indicating that Xbox doesn’t plan to release another next generation console until 2028, referring to some revolutionary new hardware in its ecosystem. Likewise, the Japanese company, Sony, does not plan to launch a new generation of its hardware for at least 6 years.

Microsoft launched its current generation consoles, Xbox Series X and Series S, in November 2020. In its response to the CMA’s concerns, Microsoft said the next generation of consoles is still many years away and made it clear that any impact of the agreement with Activision was purely speculation.

On the other hand, the negotiations between Microsoft and Sony to bring the Call of Duty saga to Japanese consoles have ended, leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouths since Jim Ryan’s statements that let us know that without PlayStation it is not the first option of users at the time of playing Call of Duty, basically Sony isn’t planning to sign any type of agreement. This shows that Sony is acting for its own convenience; Of course, it is not unusual for a large company, but even so, it leaves aside the needs of consumers and accuses the competition of playing dirty, when the Japanese company is known for its eternal exclusivities.

With all of the above, we can conclude that the cycle of console generations will remain the same as always, so you can buy your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S right now without fear of being left behind. In addition to the fact that, as with Xbox One, the current and next generation will continue to coexist for a few years, meaning that you do not have to resort to an immediate and unnecessary change of console.


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