Topower Black X Series DDR3 1333MHz 8GB Memory Kit Review

You may remember that back in March we took a look at a set of memory from a brand that are only known in certain areas of the market and for us, was a slightly newer venture, but was an interesting move for us none the less. You can find the review of that very kit here, which is made by a brand that may be known to some as Topower.

As we were so pleased with the kit we looked at back in March, and it winning our “Extreme Performance” award, we were keen to see what other modules in their product range could do. This brings us to today with the Black-X Series kit which is aimed with maximum¬†compatibility¬†in mind while keeping heat to a minimum which is exactly why it’s perfect for gamers and workstation users alike as it the heatspreaders are specially developed in Japan with heat-dispersion the key focus.

With memory module kits, you’ll find that there isn’t a mass amount to talk about in terms of the design as truth be told, most modules look very similar barring a few superficial differences. The main thing that we try to focus on is of course the performance, overclockability and every inbetween, and that’s exactly what we will aim to show in this review.

We will start things off by taking a look at the packaging of the product, design of the heatspreaders and then move onto the stock performance of the modules before we can start pushing them to their limits.

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