The Xbox streaming stick still years away

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer said at a Wall Street Journal technology conference that the Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming stick will not be on sale for the foreseeable future. According to Spencer, the device will eventually come out, but it will take a few more years.

During the Wall Street Journal’s Tech Live 2022 conference, Spencer was asked about the development of Microsoft’s streaming stick. This is evident from reporting by The Verge journalist Tom Warren on Twitter. Spencer was also asked if this device will also be the end of the Xbox consoles.

Spencer said that the streaming stick will eventually come on the market, but according to the reply we are still ‘years away’ from that moment. Then Spencer referred to his two Xbox consoles, the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, which are on sale at different price points. According to Spencer, the streaming stick should above all become a simple way for customers to stream games via the cloud. According to the him, it will also be very important for Microsoft to give people a choice in the future where they will be able to play games.

The rumors of an Xbox streaming stick have been around for several years and were recently confirmed. At the end of 2020, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer first brought up the stick and at the beginning of this year even more details came out via Venturebeat. In early October, a prototype of the device was first seen in a photo Spencer shared via Twitter.


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