The release window for the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2 has been reaffirmed

Renowned in the gaming world, an esteemed analyst asserts that the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2 will be released within this fiscal year, confidently reaffirming its cutting-edge screen details.

Amidst the absence of an official announcement, the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2 remains a hot topic of discussion. The Internet is abuzz with rumors and supposed leaks about the forthcoming gaming console, suggesting that it will be formally introduced in March to unveil its initial features. While Kyoto maintains a discreet stance, several games have already affirmed their presence on this cutting-edge system. Now, an analyst may have offered new details in this regard.

The Bloomberg report reveals that Omdia analyst Hiroshi Hayase argues that Nintendo Switch 2 is set for release this year. As per his assertion, Nintendo will significantly increase shipments of entertainment screens by 2024, a statement backed up by Sharp Corp., a long-time screen supplier for the Japanese giant, who announced last year their partnership with a leading video game company in order to bolster supply.

The cited medium proclaims that the analyst is a specialist in smaller and mid-sized displays, deriving his prognoses from yearly consultations with suppliers. As such, they assert that the potential for an 8-inch screen on the Nintendo Switch 2 is plausible, marginally surpassing its OLED predecessor which boasts a 7-inch display. Currently, however, this can only be regarded as mere speculation.

Speculations regarding Nintendo’s forthcoming gaming console persist on online forums, with developers already announcing their involvement in its creation and the subsequent release of new titles. Nevertheless, some assert with even more fervor that the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2 will grace store shelves as early as September, signaling an imminent unveiling of its features and capabilities.

Currently, all that remains is to anticipate Kyoto’s response regarding their efforts towards their forthcoming system, which ought to be disclosed within the impending weeks.


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