Intel to begin Haswell production later this year

Intel Corp. on Thursday reported its financial results for the third quarter of the year. Even though the company retained profitability, its sales were down 5% year-over-year and the outlook for the ongoing quarter the company provided points to continued issues with demand for personal computers. Nonetheless, the company is on track to start production […]

Intel to release quad-core, LTE-capable Medfield chips later this year

Intel are slowly toying with their Medfield-powered smartphones, releasing them to India, China, Russia and the UK, but surprisingly, they’ve left out the US market for now. Marketing chief, Sumeet Syal has told TechCrunch that their current-gen x86 system-on-chip won’t support LTE, but there is a revised chip coming later this year that will. This […]

“2045 initiative” to make humans immortal by the year 2045

Ever dreaded the day when man might develop immortality, the day when the whole Earth would descend into chaos and when the very basic foundations of our society would be overturned? – the principle of life and death. According to a Russian Billionaire and his team of scientists and researchers, that day isn’t so far […]

SSD prices fell 48% last year

The analysts warning came last year, and although often wrong this time their predictions were completely accurate. In the past 12 months the SSD industry has experienced an unprecedented revolution thanks in part to changing technology, the spread of the Ultrabook platform, and the status of the market for magnetic hard drives, situations that have […]