G-SKILL to support DDR4 and DDR3 models at 3 GHz

Last Day of presentations at IDF13 was dedicated to memory for high end Intel platforms. This time G-Skill shows off its new DDR4 modules, after which Kingston did the same earlier, besides giving us another sample of his new optimized memory for Ivy Bridge E at 3000 MHz. Along with the star of the day, […]

A video of the alleged iPhone 5

A new iPhone is coming, in that sense there is no doubt. Although not confirmed by Apple, the Cupertino company is accustomed to releasing a new phone per year. In all of this is also the added arrival of dozens of rumors that allude to the new phone from company. The latest is a video […]

PowerColor shows image of a mysterious new video card

A few hours ago, PowerColor a manufacturer of video card based GPUs from AMD, via Facebook has uploaded this mysterious image of a video card with triple-slot design which its exact model has yet not been revealed. The image has attracted many comments and rumors, some speculate that it is a customized model of the […]

CryEngine 3 Update video shows off awesome new visuals

Crytek has today released a significant update for its CryEngine 3, giving developers more tools to make pretty pictures, as shown in the demonstration video below.   The CryEngine 3 SDK update version 3.4 adds “brand new tools to tap into, including revamped DirectX 11 tessellation, advanced character rendering options, improved AI system and much […]

Video: Progress on new features in Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

With all the variety of electronic devices on the market, designing web pages can be a problem when it is displayed in them, as people visualize them from computers, some from tablets and more from smartphones. This is why websites where created with so called responsive designs, because they are adapted to operating systems and […]