NVIDIA Geforce 680 GTX VGA cards from MSI, EVGA and Zotac tested in games

Few days ago we heard a controversial article that showed the differences in graphics performance between the Geforce GTX 680 sent to reviewers and commercial models, had some differences caused by the GPU Boost technology. Apparently this has caused some sites to make new reviews related with the commercial models based on the Geforce GTX […]

Cooler Master HAF XM case is released – Do not underestimate it

Formally, Cooler Master has lifted the curtain to announce a Mid-tower version of its successful HAF X enclosure, the (High Air Flow) HAF XM. One of the strengths of the HAF XM, according to Cooler Master, is to deliver a large airflow and will not disappoint in terms of features though is smaller than the […]

AMD Radeon HD 7970M be launched this April 24

As systems have started to appear based on GeForce 600M series (GTX 675m, 660m and 650M) video cards, that escort Ivy Bridge notebooks, AMD also means to be present in the market for notebooks with a discrete GPU that offers high-end technology, this is how they look at the Radeon HD 7970M revealed for months […]

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690/695 “dual GK104” poses for the camera

From WCCF Tech bring us a filtered image, which supposedly belongs to the rumored video card based on two Nvidia GPUs Kepler GK104, which is likely to be launched under the brand name Geforce Geforce GTX 690 or GTX 695. According to new information the new dual GK104 will be launched in mid-May this year, […]

Rumor: (Almost) confirmed, GeForce GTX 690 before May 5

Yesterday many facebook walls related to NVIDIA video cards where filled with a mysterious image, which was a simple message saying “It’s Coming”, anticipating that something related to a GeForce card would be to be announced. Fortunately, since the site SWECLOCKERS released some confirmations the wait could end before May 5. As already expected, today […]

EVGA launches new Z77 FTW motherboard with Intel chipset Z77

Yesterday Intel officially launched its 7 Series chipsets, processors with support for both Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge LGA 1155. Immediately following this the manufacturer EVGA rushed to release its first motherboard based on Intel’s product, with the EVGA FTW Z77 (151-IB-E699-KR), rising as the top line in the company. This model supports a 32nm […]

Nvidia Geforce GT 620 reaches the retail market

Few days ago Nvidia introduced its “new” Geforce 605 GPU and Geforce GT 620, which are actually the old, familiar Geforce 520 and Geforce 510 renamed the new family members GeForce 600 Series GPUs. Although these new GPUs are available initially only for the OEM market, as we thought it would happen, Fudzilla has confirmed […]