DNT, Do Not Track is worthless until its respected by advertisers

With Google Chrome finally implementing support for DNT (Do Not Track), all major browsers now offer or will offer in the near future the possibility of having preference over ads tracking us. The ability to opt out of ad tracking with just a few clicks, it seems a great victory in what relates to privacy […]

HTC not afraid to fight Apple

In the wake of Apple’s recent victory against Samsung in their patent dispute HTC has stated it is not afraid of fighting Apple in court should the smartphone giant decide to continue to pursue any claims against HTC. HTC’s chairperson said that the company has no intention of settling with Apple, according to Asia-based reports. […]

WikiLeaks claims victory in case against VISA

WikiLeaks, the famous whistleblower organisation, has tweeted information with regards to the outcome of the WikiLeaks against VISA court case. The tweet reads:  ”Judgement for WikiLeaks v. VISA case just handed down. Full victory for WikiLeaks” No official details on the cases outcome are available yet but the case has been going on for well […]

iPad Mini: We could get our hands on it this Christmas

There is no way to get rid of Cupertino these days. The company with the apple logo remains on a war for the information that is being leaked, and in this case we speak of the imminent introduction of the iPad 3. So now lets talk about the Ipad Mini. Do not claim victory just […]