Microsoft drops “Metro” naming for Windows 8 UI to avoid disputes

You’re never far from a legal dispute these days, and Microsoft has made sure it is a bit further away. According to a report, Microsoft is currently being subjected to a trademark dispute for naming its Windows 8 User Interface as “Metro”. With regards to Windows 8 the word Metro is now dead and buried. […]

Analyst: Nexus 7 no threat to the iPad

According to Brian White, despite the compelling value that presents the new tablet from Google, this can not possibly threaten the supremacy of the Apple device on the market, and should focus instead on facing the Amazon Kindle Fire. Its because to a member of Topeka Capital Markets the technical specifications of the Nexus 7, […]

Is Microsoft looking to integrate Windows 8, WP and Kinect in cars?

Microsoft is in full swing after the successful launch (still have to wait to see the reviews and sales numbers) of the Surface and we are still finding out new information based on what is in the works or planning phase, in reality, by the company from Redmond. This time the people of Windows Embedded […]