Nvidia and AMD to stay with TSMC

With Qualcomm deciding to look elsewhere for 28nm production it seems AMD and Nvidia will not take the same decision. Qualcomm left TSMC after it felt TSMC could not keep up with 28nm SnapDragon S4 chip production. Yet Nvidia and AMD won’t be doing the same according to industry sources. There are a whole number […]

AMD Sea Islands: The design of the Radeon HD 8000 Series is now complete

We continue to learn more good news from AMD and in this case, its next graphic card design Sea Islands is already completed, so that in a short while we will be talking about the first details on the future graphics cards AMD Radeon HD 8000 Series that would replace the current HD 7000 Series. […]

AMD HD 7970 GHz Edition Specs revealed

AMD’s current HD 7970 lacks competitiveness with Nvidia’s GTX 680 in most 3D applications. However, AMD is bringing out a new replacement for the HD 7970, the HD 7970 GHz Edition. Utilising a higher default clock speed and lower core voltage, this replacement should offer higher performance, lower power consumption and better overclocking headroom, potentially […]

Rumor: AMD Radeon HD 7990 arriving in the middle of next month

Many rumors coincide that AMD would launch its new video dual-GPU vide card the Radeon HD 7990 “New Zealand” in April this year, obviously in the end these rumors did not materialize. For Xtreview has reported that AMD finally has released its long-awaited dual-GPU next month. AMD apparently plans to take advantage of improvements in […]

Qualcomm will produce most of its SoC Snapdragon at GlobalFoundries

Just yesterday we had the confirmation that Qualcomm had engaged the services of 2 new semiconductor manufacturers due to availability problems it has with its 28nm chips manufactured by TSMC, and today reveals that GlobalFoundries is one of them. Although it was rumored that Qualcomm was in talks with Samsung and UMC, now surprisingly we […]