Topower Black-X Series DDR3 1333MHz 8GB Memory Kit Review

You may remember that back in March we took a look at a set of memory from a brand that are only known in certain areas of the market and for us, was a slightly newer venture, but was an interesting move for us none the less. You can find the review of that very […]

BlackBerry 10 will not arrive until 2013, bad news for RIM

Today was unveiled the latest financial report from RIM and just as thought (or mostly speculating) the numbers and news for its next moves are far from encouraging. We knew the economy was not any good, in fact, its stock continued to fall to a historic point because today it got below 18%. I sincerely […]

Google Chrome for iOS, first impressions

Starting the second day of Google I/O it was announced at last that Google Chrome would come to iOS, hours after finishing the event it became available to the App Store and you are now able to download for both iPhone and iPad. The first thing to note is that Chrome is based on IOS UIWebView […]

Intel: up to 75 different models of Ultrabooks from $ 699

Yesterday began Beijing ( China ) the IDF 2012 e Intel has announced the arrival of new models Ultrabooks , using the entry into the market for new processors Ivy Bridge . Intel has assured after meeting with several of his allies, reference will be priced from just $ 699 compared to $ 800 current, […]

We found the perfect smartphone for girls

The best phone for women would be an iPhone with mirror. The truth is that today we at will talk about something that’s for sure more than one will appreciate and have wondered more than once. That’s how we started our post today to find out what the perfect mobile phone for girls is. […]

iPad Mini: We could get our hands on it this Christmas

There is no way to get rid of Cupertino these days. The company with the apple logo remains on a war for the information that is being leaked, and in this case we speak of the imminent introduction of the iPad 3. So now lets talk about the Ipad Mini. Do not claim victory just […]

How to Customize your biography on Facebook

Recently facebook has taken the decision to impose a definitive manner and in all profiles using the Timeline profile interface, also known as Bio. At the launch of this interface, we had a period of 7 days after activation which we could order items from our profile. This may sound strange. The truth is that […]

Know whether an image has been Photoshoped or not

Today, though we be the first ones we turn to Photoshop to make portraits, landscapes or any images that will leave us better looking than before after we have take a photo with our camera, the truth is that there is no denying that we live in a world distorted by the retouching of images, […]