AMD Trinity APU tested in fanless mode

Via the site fanlesstech, AMD Japan in association with Asus for a test of its new fanless APU Trinity. AMD is apparently experiencing the need to put a little more forward in its new APU Trinity, has demonstrated an APU A10-5700 cooled passively mounted on a Asus F2-A85-M Pro motherboard inside a Streacom FC5 case, a […]

The latest mobile related releases of 2012

In just a few months over the year 2012. However, we can already say that it was lived not in vain. This year in the computer world, set forth a series of important and interesting events, some of which we’ll tell you. Earlier, in 2011, the whole computer world was talking about the Intel processors, […]

Gigabyte crack 3DMark Vantage P10000 barrier with Trinity APU

Gigabyte has been putting AMD’s new Trinity APU through its paces. Interestingly enough they actually benched the APU with a 3DMark Vantage test instead of just grabbing some CPU-Z and GPU-Z validations before blue-screening. Gigabyte put the A10-5800K APU flagship through its paces both in terms of the GPU and CPU. Using LN2 cooling the […]

AMD A10-5800K Trinity APU can reach 6.5GHz with LN2

AMD is claiming that its $ 140 A10-5800K Trinity APU is capable of up to 6.5GHz with LN2 cooling. This makes it superior to Intel’s offerings in terms of “GHz-bang-for-buck” considering a 2500K costs $ 220 and would struggle to get near those same speeds under LN2, whilst the new Ivy Bridge chips are even […]

AMD’s Vishera and Hondo to get public preview in 2 weeks

AMD’s Vishera and Trinity line up. Like it does every year, AMD is going to be showing off some of its latest innovations around the same time as Intel’s Developer Forum (IDF) event. This will be in an effort to try and divert some of the journalists and media publications away from Intel towards AMD. […]

AMD A6 5400K Trinity APU detailed

Even though Llano APUs were a great success on the whole, the dual core Llano APUs were quite rubbish for anything other than basic gaming. However, AMD looks to be turning this on its head with the Trinity APUs. The A6 5400K dual core APU is expected to pack two cores at 3.6GHz with a […]

Samsung Series 5: Will come with the APU AMD Trinity

The manufacturer Samsung has added two laptops equipped with APU AMD Trinity to its catalog, in particular the models are NP535U3C-A01US and NP535U4-A01US with a screen size of 13.3 inches and 14 inches respectively. The APU AMD Trinity came out a few weeks ago in versions for laptops and Ultrathins, as there are several manufacturers now […]

AMD chipsets will not support PCIe 3.0 until 2013

Several months ago there was a rumor circulating on the web information on the possible inclusion in the new AMD chipsets, under the roadmap of AMD for this year, for support for PCIe 3.0 with future AMD chipsets 1090FX and 1070 , for AMD FX-Series microprocessors  first-and second-generation socket AM3 + motherboards. As reported by […]

The Ultrathin Samsung NP530 can finally be seen in pictures

In case you do not remember, the Ultrathins are AMD’s answer to the Intel Ultrabooks systems, ultra-thin, lightweight and offer great autonomy endowed with more than enough power for everyday use. Today we find the Samsung NP530 based on the APU AMD A10-4655M “Trinity-LV”, which consists of a Piledriver quad-core processor operating at a nominal speed […]

AMD Trinity, official details of the new APU

have spoken several times of Trinity , codename for the next generation of AMD APU, which will be one of the most important releases for AMD later this year. Now thanks to a leaked presentation we can see what Trinity offers in terms of its characteristics and technical data. Trinity as we know is based […]