[Rumor] The new connector might be present in the entire Apple portable line

The month of September is nearing and rumors about Apple and its devices are becoming increasingly insistent. The last one to just jump into the fray is related to the mysterious new 19-pin connector that is supposed to be present in the new iPhone 5. Well, that’s what we previously thought, since it was indicated […]

Microsoft drops “Metro” naming for Windows 8 UI to avoid disputes

You’re never far from a legal dispute these days, and Microsoft has made sure it is a bit further away. According to a report, Microsoft is currently being subjected to a trademark dispute for naming its Windows 8 User Interface as “Metro”. With regards to Windows 8 the word Metro is now dead and buried. […]

AMD SouthBridge chipset to last until mid-2013

With the upcoming Piledriver processors from AMD expected later this year you’d probably expected a chipset change from AMD. We can confirm now, according to sources, that AMD’s South Bridge chipset will bear no changes although we have not been informed about the rest of the chipset yet. The South Bridge chipset will remain as […]

Intel working with Google to get Android 4.1 support with mobile Atom

Intel has confirmed that it is looking to get support for Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” on its mobile Atom chips. Google will be assisting Intel in bringing the Android 4.1 OS to smart devices powered by Intel’s Atom, such as smartphones and tablets. The mobile Atom android 4.1 porting process may take a while and […]