Tim Cook: “Surface is a confusing product”

Hours after the official launch, Apple CEO criticized Microsoft’s new tablet. In his opinion, the iPad has no competition Tim Cook did not wait long to review Microsoft Surface. It was overwhelming to know that he think of Surface “a confusing product.” “When people look at the competition, they will want to go with an […]

ASUS Windows RT Tablets will come with a high price tag ?

This coming October we await the arrival of Windows 8 and of course, the first computers and devices with this new operating system, including a first batch of tablets with Windows RT as the ones we saw presented during the IFA 2012. However, in the case of ASUS prices could be much higher than imagined. […]

Archos bets on the Transformer line tablets with its 101 XS

  Archos will launch itself again in the mobile device market during this years IFA 2012, and will be with its new line of tablets called Archos GEN10 XS. But to not have to wait until next August 29, when this great technology event will kick of in the city of Berlin, have decided to […]

Microsoft: Tablets to surpass desktop PCs in 2013 in sales

Its strange that a company that has been for many years focused on developing software for PC speak so strongly about the commercial status of current mobile devices, especially in a tone as positive as what used by Microsoft during the TechEd Europe in Amsterdam, where the vice president of Windows Web Services, Andtoine Leblond […]

Windows 8 tablets coming in November

The first Windows 8 tablets should hit retail sometime in November and we could see a bunch of devices in different form factors. According to CNET’s Brooke Crothers, the first wave of Windows tablets will include more than a dozen devices, but more than half of them will be hybrid designs. So, it seems Microsoft […]