Acer Aspire S7: Will arrive in late October, but is it worth it ?

Microsoft is set to launch its new operating system October 26, and the same day, the Acer Aspire S7 ultrabook will hit the market. The Acer Aspire S7 ultrabook is touch based and it incorporates the Windows 8 operating system, designed for touch devices, and besides unraveling its release date they have also revealed its […]

AMD Radeon RAMDisk accelerate games a whopping 525%

The new AMD Trinity will come with an interesting new RAM drive technology, being the first time a chipmaker officially supports such implementations. AMD will partner with Patriot memory maker selling RAM modules under the brand AMD specially optimized for their systems, although its will not happen to be the cheapest, it allows for automatic […]

G.Skill Phoenix III: SSDs with SF-2281 controller

G.Skill has announced its SSD G.Skill Phoenix III, presenting an SSD with an SandForce SF-2281 Controller and 120GB capacities and 240GB . They are models that are aimed at users who want good SSD performance. The company G.Skill is known worldwide for its high performance RAM kits, which have been used to break so many overclock […]

TRIM for RAID 0 to arrive on X79 soon

No longer will your shiny expensive SSDs degrade in RAID 0 on X79! TRIM for RAID 0 on 7 series chipsets (Z77, B75, H77, Z75, etc) was announced last week. But for many that was disappointing news. Lets face it, X79 users are more likely to have SSDs in RAID o than 7 series users […]

Intel planning 335 and 525 series SSDs for 2013

On the consumer side of the SSD market for 2013, Intel is planning the realease of two new SSD series, the 335 and 525. The company is expected to deploy its newest 20nm flash memory for some of these drives. The Intel 335 series will replace the current mainstream 330 series of SSDs. The SSD […]

SilentMaxx develops passive Sandy Bridge-E system

SilentMaxx is launching a range of fully passive Sandy Bridge-E systems, the series of systems is named the SilentMaxx Fanless I-850 gamer series. The CPU is cooled by the SilentMaxx TwinMax passive CPU cooler which is capable of taking on the 135W TDP of Sandy Bridge-E. To continue the theme of silence within the system […]

MSI give the GT70 and GT60 notebooks the GTX 680M

MSI has updated its infamous GT70 and GT60 gaming notebooks to include the best Nvidia mobile GPU currently on offer. The GT70 and GT60 gaming notebooks are now available with the high performance GTX 680M graphics card that is capable of an impressive P24000 in 3D Mark Vantage. The GTX 680M card, based off Nvidia’s […]

MSI entering SSD market with Sandforce

MSI are better known for their motherboards, graphics cards and gaming notebooks, but they also dabble in cases too. Now it seems they are looking to expand their portfolio even more and move into the SSD storage market. According to LSI-Sandforce corporation, MSI’s latest venture will be SSDs backed by their controllers. On their website […]

STEC’s CellCare Technology Improves Endurance of MLA Flash Memory by 13 Times

STEC is a leading maker of solid-state drives, who said on Wednesday that the company has validated its proprietary CellCare technology’s ability to extend the endurance of 24nm consumer-grade multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory to 40 000 program/erase cycles, which is greater than 13 times the manufacturer’s specified endurance metric of 3000 program/erase cycles. […]