The latest rumors about the iPhone 5

With just hours away to present their new Apple smartphone, a review of the most recent speculation by the web and industry analysts. This Wednesday from hour 14. Apple will release at its special event that will take place at the Yerba Buena Convention Center, the U.S. city of San Francisco, the new iPhone 5. […]

Google Nexus 7 to arrive in Europe on September the 3rd

Google’s Nexus 7 has been selling like Wildfire in North America and the UK for a few months now. Retail leaks suggest that Europe will finally get a piece of the Nexus 7 action from September the 3rd. “The first leak came from France, along with a largely expected retail price of €249.90. France’s […]

EA looking for a buyer

  Electronic Arts is reportedly looking for a new buyer. The firm has been in contact with private-equity companies KKR and Providence Equity Partners although discussions are reportedly still in a very early stage. Share value in EA has dropped 37 percent this year although the stock closed up 5.5 percent yesterday at $ 13.81 following buyout […]

[Rumor] The new connector might be present in the entire Apple portable line

The month of September is nearing and rumors about Apple and its devices are becoming increasingly insistent. The last one to just jump into the fray is related to the mysterious new 19-pin connector that is supposed to be present in the new iPhone 5. Well, that’s what we previously thought, since it was indicated […]

Microsoft drops “Metro” naming for Windows 8 UI to avoid disputes

You’re never far from a legal dispute these days, and Microsoft has made sure it is a bit further away. According to a report, Microsoft is currently being subjected to a trademark dispute for naming its Windows 8 User Interface as “Metro”. With regards to Windows 8 the word Metro is now dead and buried. […]

Gigabyte GTX 680 Super Over Clock 2GB Graphics Card Review

When we take a look at the vast majority of new cards, the hype has always been based around the GPU core and because of this no particular retail card has had any more favouritism to another before its out of the manufacturers hands and onto the retail market. This has all changed recently and […]

Intel to keep socket LGA 2011 until 2015-2016

Intel tend to shift between socket types quite quickly and consistently, from LGA 1156 to LGA 1155 to LGA 1150 (Haswell, due next Year). Yet reports state LGA 2011 will stick around for the Highest end Intel platforms even if the lower performance sockets keep shifting. LGA 2011 is expected to be maintained through Ivy […]

Google IO 2012: Jelly Bean is presented as Android 4.1, an update with optimizations

Earlier this year, speculation raised that the next version of Android would be dubbed “Jelly Bean”. Obviously not, because during Google IO Conference 2012 it was officially revealed that Android 4.1 would be the version that we would see as Google’s mobile OS this Q3 2012. Which has been classified simply as an update and not […]

Would you pay $600 for the Microsoft surface?

Much has been said in recent days about the “mysteries” surrounding the presentation of Microsoft Surface, the official Windows 8 tablet. The talk among the media is the reason that the company has not announced a specific price range for this product, leaving a vague reference to “comparable device”. The reasons why neither Ballmer nor […]

On Monday IOS 6 will be presented

The long-awaited new operating system for Apple’s mobile devices, IOS 6, finally make its first public appearance on Monday, when WWDC 2012 begins from the company. Not much is known about the new operating system, although there is much that is speculation, and at least two of the speculations have now occurred that being the […]