Nvidia Tegra “Grey” will be released in 2013

Last month we learned that Nvidia had decided to postpone its future SoC ARM Tegra 4 dubbed “Wayne” originally scheduled for the second half of this year until next year, we should assume that this will affect the future of the rest of the SoC Tegra from Nvidia. Also as we assumed, Nvidia officially announced […]

Belkin Announces Entry Into 802.11ac Wireless Networking Market

Belkin today announced plans to become one of the first to market with a line of wireless dual-band routers supporting the new 802.11ac wireless networking standard. New Belkin products will feature Broadcom’s fifth generation (5G WiFi) 802.11ac chips, which enable speeds up to three times faster than existing 802.11n technology. “802.11ac technology provides the wireless […]

Samsung GALAXY S Plus: Gingerbread Phone with Snapdragon and battery of 1.650 [VÍDEO]

Samsung is now one of those manufacturers that can boast of being looked as a reference in its sector and it is certain that its handsets have become an icon for many and the favorite when betting on Android. Their performance, especially for some of them, put them as models above the rest of the […]

Smartphones are destroying the camera market

Smart phones increasingly incorporate more powerful specifications. One of the tools that has improved in recent times is that cameras are being built, this is one of the most attractive features when thinking about having a phone. However, this continuous improvement is making the digtal camera market smaller. Data from a study point in the […]

Technology and human rights: towards greater unity in justice

The rapid technological development of contemporary society currently living allows information to be shared faster than ever, and thus a greater number of people have access to information at all times. The Internet has played a crucial role in these advances. However the words rights and technology are not something we often read in one […]