Nokia and Microsoft unveil the new Lumia phone with Windows Phone 8

Nokia and Microsoft unveiled in New York the latest Lumia smartphone, the first from the Finnish company to incorporate the operating system Windows Phone 8 and has among other features a wireless charging system. “This is the Lumia, and it’s time to change,” he told a packed press conference in the Big Apple President and […]

HTC not afraid to fight Apple

In the wake of Apple’s recent victory against Samsung in their patent dispute HTC has stated it is not afraid of fighting Apple in court should the smartphone giant decide to continue to pursue any claims against HTC. HTC’s chairperson said that the company has no intention of settling with Apple, according to Asia-based reports. […]

Sony to abandon the CD, DVD and Blu-ray business

The Japanese company Sony will definitely leave the business of CD, DVD and Blu-ray. Therefore it expects to close the Optiarc factory, focused on the development of readers and players of these three types of optical discs, according to Europa Press agency. The process would be completed in March 2013. The company will focus on […]

Microsoft Surface could cost $199

When Surface was introduced by Microsoft several weeks ago, it generated great uncertainty about the potential cost the tablet would have to the end consumer. Rumors were swift, and even its price was speculated with prices ranging between $599 and $1,000. Other “less pessimists”, taking into account the words of Steve Ballmer during that time, […]

Intel working with Google to get Android 4.1 support with mobile Atom

Intel has confirmed that it is looking to get support for Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” on its mobile Atom chips. Google will be assisting Intel in bringing the Android 4.1 OS to smart devices powered by Intel’s Atom, such as smartphones and tablets. The mobile Atom android 4.1 porting process may take a while and […]

Apple said to launch new models of iPod touch and nano

Music players, if you ask me, are increasingly close to death. Today, with the popularity of smartphones and mass quantity of the same musical devices are being left out. Who wants to not only spend more money but have to walk around carrying more than one device that does the same in his pocket. Anyway, […]

BlackBerry 10 will not arrive until 2013, bad news for RIM

Today was unveiled the latest financial report from RIM and just as thought (or mostly speculating) the numbers and news for its next moves are far from encouraging. We knew the economy was not any good, in fact, its stock continued to fall to a historic point because today it got below 18%. I sincerely […]

In 40 years we will have holograms indistinguishable from reality

3D technology is not as rare as we thought a few years ago. Today we are going to the movies and watch movies in three dimensions, there are smart phones that have embossed images and video games that seem to form part of our environment, but now the difference between the 3D image and reality […]

Microsoft Surface: An interesting tablet that does not really introduce anything new

Much ado has been made about the Microsoft’s presentation that just occurred in Los Angeles. It was hoped for a new hardware product and Microsoft has not failed, it just presented the Microsoft Surface , the first tablet with a 9.3mm in thickness that works with Windows 8. Steve Ballmer made an analogy at the […]

Samsung Galaxy S3: Analysis of its autonomy

A few weeks ago Samsung made the official announcement of the its awaited smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S3 , which is considered by many as the reference smartphone from Android right now. It came loaded with both new hardware and software, but a key aspect is its autonomy, it must be good compared to its […]