ASRock OC Z77 Formula: Designed for overclocking

We have said before that ASRock has taken a major leap in quality for some time now and has very good motherboards currently available. An interesting model of motherboard that has been seen at Computex 2012 is the ASRock Z77 OC Formula, a motherboard designed mainly to the practice of overclocking. The ASRock Z77 OC Formula […]

VP3280-LED: The 4K ViewSonic monitor

Now that 4K resolution is fashionable, there are manufacturers increasingly deciding to introduce new equipment based on it. The latest to join the series has been ViewSonic who have just announced its latest monitor, the ViewSonic VP3280-LED, which happens to (yes, you guessed it) has support for resolutions up to 4K. In the case of the […]

HIS Radeon HD 7970 X2 IceQ: Reveals another version of a dual HD 7970

HIS also has been added to the list of manufacturers that are preparing a dual version of the graphics card AMD Radeon HD 7970, in this case the version is called HIS Radeon HD 7970 X2 IceQ and as usual will come equipped with two Tahiti XT graphics cores in it. manufacturers intentions are pretty […]

Sapphire displays fanless HD 7770 Ultimate at Computex 2012

We saw the HD 7750 Ultimate from Sapphire back in February. The Ultimate series from Sapphire features totally fanless graphics card using passive cooling solutions. We expect the HD 7770 version took a few months more than the HD 7750 version due to the fact it has a greater amount of heat to dissipate and therefore requires […]

Is this the new SIM card for smartphones ?

A new standard was adopted to accompany the reduction in cell phone size. Designed by Apple, Nano-SIM created a conflict with other manufacturers. Is 40% smaller than the traditional SIM. The European Institute Standards Institute of Telecommunications (ETSI, for its acronym in English), ended a conflict of months between Apple, Nokia, BlackBerry and Motorola. The organism […]

Ivy Bridge: i7 3770K Processor reaches a record high of over 7 GHz

Yesterday we learned that the AMD FX-8150 had again broken its own record, reaching this time 8805.64 MHz but today was Intel’s turn with its third generation of Intel Core Ivy Bridge. Gigabyte has announced a record  that has been beaten with the Intel Core i7 3770K  processor, paired with a Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H,that exceeded 7 […]

In-Dev MSI FM2 motherboard spotted

An MSI FM2 motherboard has been showcased over on the VR-Zone forums. The board is a very early sample and is currently still under development since AMD’s FM2 release is still quite a while off yet. The MS-7778 doesn’t look like your typical consumer motherboard from the basic design, it probably targets OEMs like HP […]

Gigabyte GTX 680 SOC pictured

Gigabyte’s Super Overclock card has caught the attention of enthusiasts recently thanks to its highly unique cooling design, the Windforce 5X cooler. The Cooler occupies 3 slots in width much like the Direct CU II cooler that we saw on the GTX 580 and HD 6970. Yet the fan design is unique as it seems […]

ASUS announces new motherboards P8Z77 LK-V and-V LX P8Z77

ASUS announces two new motherboards based on Intel Z77, designed for Intel recent Ivy Bridge-DT microprocessors, which promotes itself as “economic choices”, the new boards are: ASUS P8Z77-V LK The most advanced of the two new motherboards, has heatsinks for the VRM, and three PCIe 16X, capable of operating in 8X mode 8X +8X +4X […]

EVGA launches new Z77 FTW motherboard with Intel chipset Z77

Yesterday Intel officially launched its 7 Series chipsets, processors with support for both Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge LGA 1155. Immediately following this the manufacturer EVGA rushed to release its first motherboard based on Intel’s product, with the EVGA FTW Z77 (151-IB-E699-KR), rising as the top line in the company. This model supports a 32nm […]