AMD A6 5400K Trinity APU detailed

Even though Llano APUs were a great success on the whole, the dual core Llano APUs were quite rubbish for anything other than basic gaming. However, AMD looks to be turning this on its head with the Trinity APUs. The A6 5400K dual core APU is expected to pack two cores at 3.6GHz with a […]

Sapphire HD 7970 Vapor-X with 6GB GDDR5 in pictures

Sapphire again draws attention this time releasing new images of the new graphic card of its top end AMD, this is none other than the Radeon HD 7970, which has customized by Sapphire featuring double its GDDR5 memory, increasing the frequencies of the GPU, and improving the cooling system. The flagship answers to the name Sapphire […]

Zotac also launches its GT 640

ZOTAC today continues the GeForce 600 series momentum with the new mainstream ZOTAC GeForce GT 640 graphics card for users that desire dedicated graphics and memory.NVIDIA’s Kepler architecture forms the heart of the ZOTAC GeForce GT 640 graphics card with new SMX unified shaders that deliver superior performance and energy efficiency. New NVIDIA Surround technology […]

HP introduces the first notebook based on Brazos 2.0

Few weeks ago we’ve learned of specifications of the new Brazos 2.0 APU based on the veteran Zacate core, and we knew that soon they would go on sale the new system dominated by this APU. We also learned on the 20th regarding the launch of the first computer based on these new APU and that […]

The Ultrathin Samsung NP530 can finally be seen in pictures

In case you do not remember, the Ultrathins are AMD’s answer to the Intel Ultrabooks systems, ultra-thin, lightweight and offer great autonomy endowed with more than enough power for everyday use. Today we find the Samsung NP530 based on the APU AMD A10-4655M “Trinity-LV”, which consists of a Piledriver quad-core processor operating at a nominal speed […]

Max Payne 3 PC: New Screens and Details and Rockstars Interview with PC World

Max Payne 3 for PC features a wide range of advanced graphics options, including scalable high-resolution textures and character models, as seen in this new batch of screens, each of which can be viewed in full 2560×1578 high-definition glory on-click or over at the official Max Payne 3 site. Also check out today’s brand new […]

GeForce GTX 680: Test results with commercial versions

A bit of controversy caused by the recent GeForce GTX 680 graphics cards, as it has been known that the cards sent for analysis to various specialized sites could reach a frequency of 1.110Mhz in its core through the use of technology called GPU Boost. The retail versions however are a different story that vary […]

Nvidia Geforce GTX 670 Ti will come next month

The Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 GPU is the first desktop GPU architecture based on Kepler and built on the GK104 core, and though it has few weeks before being launched, Nvidia plans to launch a second GPU based desktop GK104, which probably will be called Geforce GTX 670 Ti. In the new Geforce GTX 670 Ti […]