Intel releases new 335 Series with 20nm NAND

Intel has announced it is shipping its first SSD featuring 20nm NAND flash memory. This “industry leading” flash is the most energy efficient NAND on the market and this is the first time it is being used in a consumer/client targeted SSD range. The Intel 335 Series is based upon a SandForce SF-2281 controller. Initially there will just be […]

AMD Opteron 6300 Series: Leaked specifications

AMD Opteron processors based on the Piledriver architecture and known internally as Abu Dhabi still have not reached the market, and that in theory should already be available. These processors for server environments will replace the existing Opteron Interlagos. Also said to be the professional version of the expected AMD FX Vishera. Already though there […]

Sea Sonic launches new Platinum series of PSUs

The new lineup of Sea Sonic’s Platinum series will span the output range of 400 to 1200 watts. All units of the family come equipped with our patented Fully Modular DC Cable design that maximizes output, ensures the stability of the crucial 12V rail and, at the same time, provides ease of integration and ensures […]

AMD Radeon HD 7700 and HD 7800 Series: Reduced Price

Different manufacturers with AMD based graphics cards announced a price reduction of the AMD Radeon HD 7700 and HD 7800 Series graphics cards, namely the models that will see their prices reduced are the Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition, Radeon HD 7850 1GB and the Radeon HD 7850 2GB. With this reduction it is their […]

Avexir Core Series DDR3 2400MHz 16GB Memory Kit Review

The market has seen quite a large push in the memory sector as of late, as consumers demand larger capacity kits with faster speeds, for as little money as possible. Add into the mix the addition of Z77 and the broad spectrum that the platform is aimed at, and you’ll see why this sudden influx […]

Topower Black-X Series DDR3 1333MHz 8GB Memory Kit Review

You may remember that back in March we took a look at a set of memory from a brand that are only known in certain areas of the market and for us, was a slightly newer venture, but was an interesting move for us none the less. You can find the review of that very […]

AMD Radeon HD 8800 Series: Some rumors revealed

Last June we commented that AMD had already completed the design of the Sea Islands GPU, or what is the same, the AMD Radeon HD 8000 Series that will replace the current AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series. Still a long time for it to come out officially, but as usual its beginning to happen with recent details […]

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary World Series Tournament Europe

As part of its year-long celebration to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Street Fighter series Capcom is pleased to confirm the first ever official European fighting games tournament featuring solely titles from this iconic series. Taking place during Paris Games Week (October 31-November 4), The European Masters will provide a stage for the best […]

Be Quiet! Shadow Wings Series Fan Review

With the Silent Wings 2/Dark Wings series of fans occupying Be Quiet!’s £18/€20 top-spot, the need arises for fans which still offer excellent performance but at a lower price point. Cutting costs by using cheaper components and bundling less accessories isn’t always a good decision but when price points have to met, costs have to be […]

Intel planning 335 and 525 series SSDs for 2013

On the consumer side of the SSD market for 2013, Intel is planning the realease of two new SSD series, the 335 and 525. The company is expected to deploy its newest 20nm flash memory for some of these drives. The Intel 335 series will replace the current mainstream 330 series of SSDs. The SSD […]