Asus website hacked

Asus website hacked

It broke earlier today that the home page had suffered an attack from a hacking group, the message left on the site left little to the imagination and was clearly about the use of an image of Mohammed in the video that has been causing quite a stir internationally since it appeared online. While I’m not going to get involved in that debate, we do work quite closely with Asus and their products and many of our readers are fans of both their products and website.

The site has since been recovered and is back to normal, but we did have chance to capture a screenshot of the site while it was under attack, I’m not so sure its really the best way to protest something, given the subject matter it seems a little strange to me, but with Asus being such a large company it stands to reason that quite a lot of people will have seen the site during this time.

Take a look at the screenshot below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Asus website hacked

Nokia reveals that Windows Phone will reach Instagram

When Nokia unveiled the ‘lens’ of Windows Phone 8 last week, many thought it was perfect for something like Instagram. It seems that the prophecy was fulfilled. In a promotional video for their upcoming ‘flagship’, the Finnish company hinted at the existence of an application of the famous photo service for Windows Phone:

The Instagram tile (in red circle) appears in a video of the Lumia 920. Picture: Nokia (screenshot)

With this, the application is set to arrive in the most popular mobile operating systems. In July, the application stated that it had reached 80 million users, according to a post two weeks ago on its official blog, and there are 5,000 million photos uploaded through the service. The addition would add millions more to this number, especially taking into account that one of the strengths of Nokia handsets is the camera.

However, it would be an application created directly by Instagram. “Instagram is not investing their own resources in the development of a potential application, ” says The Verge which would be developed by the team of Windows Phone with the photo API service. It would be a move similar to the versions of Twitter and Facebook, which were developed by Microsoft to make better use of design language and integration with Windows operating system.

Last week, Facebook finally completed the process of buying the photo app after a routine investigation by U.S. authorities and other legal proceedings. The final amount was quite far from the advertised 1,000 million dollars at the time they said the figure will be close to 700 million, thanks to the depreciation of the shares of the social network.

AMD FX-8350 VS AMD FX-8150: First performance comparison

The second generation AMD FX, is just around around the corner, this new generation will be based on the Piledriver architecture, successor to the Bulldozer architecture. We know some of the processors arrived and now thanks to the site OBR-Hardware we can learn its first performance data. The new AMD FX-8350 is compared to the “old” FX-8150.

Firstly it should be noted that the processor tested here is an engineering sample, so as to yield final versions may vary. To test the Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z was used, that does not have the new BIOS FX Vishera update yet.

The new FX Vishera comes with frequencies above Bulldozer FX, the FX-8150 has the following frequencies 3.6 GHz (base), 3.9 GHz (Turbo with all cores) and 4.2 GHz (turbo core), the FX 8350 this frequency is 4 GHz, 4.1 GHz and 4.2 GHz. The FX-8350 A yield 4% higher than the FX-8150, single thread operations, but in multi-threaded operations, the difference is greater, as the FX-8350 obtains 10% higher performance.

Screenshot of CPU-Z. 

SuperPi 1M results. 


720p x 256 Benchmark results. 

Given these results we can say that Piledriver will not be a big improvement over Bulldozer, although the performance is on par with the Core i7 2600K based on the Sandy Bridge architecture. But since its an ES processor and the motherboard does not support the new FX Vishera it is better to wait for a more conclusive results.

You can check the full article: OBR-Hardware.

AMD Radeon HD 7970 takes the lead in 3DMark 11, sets world record

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To reach # 1 in 3DMark 11 with a single card is being increasingly harder. The last time we checked the overclocker K|ngp|n retained the highest score with 15731 points in Performance mode. But this time an overclocker of Polish origin identified with the alias Xtreme Addict has beat the record after obtaining 15,745 points using a Radeon HD 7970.

According to a screenshot, Xtreme Addict achieved this new world record using a platform consisting of a Core [email protected] a Z77A-GD65 MSI motherboard, 2GB of RAM, PSU Antec High Current Pro-1200 HPC and a Kingston SSD, and a card MSI R7970 Lighting working on GPU / memory at a frequency of 1750MHz and 8GHz, respectively.

Source: Overclockers

Dead Space 3 Countdown appears, logo shown

What appears to the be first screenshot from Dead Space 3 has surfaced online.

It shows a character propelling themselves through a planet’s orbit in one of the series’ trademark armoroued suits. Once again, the game’s HUD is displayed on the character’s back.

The image looks to originate from the series’ official EA site, which currently shows a countdown written in an alien language. Translated, the numbers points to next Monday, when EA will hold its E3 press conference.

Yesterday that site also began teasing a new Dead Space graphic novel short, which looks like it will tie-into Dead Space 3.

The existence of Dead Space 3 comes as no surprise. Continual leaks over the past year have revealed it will be partly set on an ice planet, tie-up the story of series star Isaac Clarke and feature drop-in, drop out co-op. Expect to hear more at E3 next week.

Source: VG247