AMD A10-5800K Trinity APU can reach 6.5GHz with LN2

AMD is claiming that its $ 140 A10-5800K Trinity APU is capable of up to 6.5GHz with LN2 cooling. This makes it superior to Intel’s offerings in terms of “GHz-bang-for-buck” considering a 2500K costs $ 220 and would struggle to get near those same speeds under LN2, whilst the new Ivy Bridge chips are even […]

SilentMaxx develops passive Sandy Bridge-E system

SilentMaxx is launching a range of fully passive Sandy Bridge-E systems, the series of systems is named the SilentMaxx Fanless I-850 gamer series. The CPU is cooled by the SilentMaxx TwinMax passive CPU cooler which is capable of taking on the 135W TDP of Sandy Bridge-E. To continue the theme of silence within the system […]

Intel Core i5-3350P: Ivy Bridge processor without integrated graphics

Intel is already preparing a new processor family for Core i5 , in particular the model we are talking ab out is the Intel Core i5-3350P that is based on the architecture Ivy Bridge , so it has the manufacturing process of 22nm and Tri-Gate 3D transistors. processors Ivy Bridge have much been talked about, […]

Ultrabooks: Intel wants to reduce its cost and its betting on the use of plastic

The arrival of the Ultrabooks based on Ivy Bridge processors is scheduled for June, but Intel also wants models with a price of approximately $ 600 . Its advocating manufacturers to reduce the cost for manufacturing using plastic as the main material, or a combination of aluminum and plastic. Ultrabooks are based on current processors […]

Asus Maximus V Gene (Z77) Motherboard Ivy Bridge Review

Little over two weeks ago we took a look into the all new world of the Z77 chipset and board that will support Intel’s all new Ivy Bridge processors. This lineup of boards included the Maximus V Gene and we were very impressed with what the board has to offer and more so its performance. […]

Ivy Bridge Core i3: Prices announced

The first Ivy Bridge processor models will be available to Core i5 and Core i7, for the arrival of the Core i3 we will have to wait a few weeks. Despite the time remaining to get these models, we already know their prices will be. Core i3 3220, Core i3 3225 and Core i3 3240,  […]

Intel Core i7 3770K: Explaining the increase of TDP

A few days ago we reported on the increase of the TDP in the i7  3770K processor, belonging to the third generation of Intel Core processors manufactured at 22 nm. Now we know the reason for this increase . The increased TDP from 77W to 95W we could see in the retail boxes of the Core […]

i7 3770K: Will have a higher than expected TDP

Since we learned the specifications of the Ivy Bridge processors, manufactured at 22 nm, we knew that these processors would be more efficient than current Sandy Bridge the 32nm manufactured, none of the processors have a TDP higher to 77W. Now we know that the Intel Core i7 3770K will have a TDP of 95W […]