Samsung launches its own line of Memory Cards

The Samsung company ventured into another market and was commissioned to announce that it has in stock ready to ship its new full line of memory cards, micro SD and SD to be sold under the mantle of the company. With the Samsung logo, such as its manufacturer, the line includes seven new models in the Extreme Plus High Speed ??and Speed series. As far as the Extreme Speed ??Plus series is concerned, they include SD memory cards and Micro SD memory cards of 8 GB and […]

Samsung details the features of its new All in One 9-series

One of the companies that are key players in the last edition of the tech show at the consumer electronics, CES 2012, which took place in the city of Las Vegas last week, was Samsung, who had not only a new line of devices for the home such as their amazing “intelligent televisions”, but also […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 Full Phone Specification, Reviews, Price Rate

A successor to the Galaxy S is rumoured, and when Korean newspaper leaked a photo of the Galaxy S2 along with some of the specifications, we feel that it is more than probable that the announcement of this phone will be made at the World Congress in Barcelona. It was only a couple of months […]