Samsung Transparent displays due in September

The UD22B and NL22B transparent displays were quietly unveiled by Samsung back at InfoComm 2012 earlier this year. Now a few months on we have found out that they are due for retail release in September. “The UD22B is a 1:1 ratio LED square display that includes 21.6-inches of real estate and an ultrathin 5.5mm bezel […]

Acer under investigation by the US International Trade Commission

Acer is now added to the very long list of companies being investigated in the United States of America for patent infringements. Although, this isn’t your typical “patent war” like the Samsung vs Apple spectacle. Acer is being investigated by the American based International Trade Commission (ITC), along with a large number of other companies, […]

We put a face to the Galaxy N7100 Samsung Note II

From GSMArena comes the first photo of N7100 Samsung Galaxy II Note that, for now, shows the front of the phone. It can not be announced as the official photo, but it was expected that the Galaxy Note II have a design inspired by the Galaxy S III, and the picture is aligned with the […]

Seagate has completed the purchase of LaCie

For now its only 64.5%, but hopes to own 95%. The Company Seagate continues its Summer shopping, because we where able to confirm that a few days ago Seagate had bought OCZ for 1,000 million dollars, and now has become to own 64.5% of the hard drive  French manufacturer LaCie. No details were given of […]

More than one third of Android apps have Malware

British Telecommunications, or BT, has been doing some interesting research with Android apps. The security branch of the Telecoms giant has reported that over 1 third of Android apps contain some form of malware.BT bases their statement on tests that the firm itself has conducted, where they examined more than 1,000 Android apps. According to BT the […]

Samsung working on a display to beat the Retina

As is traditional with Apple, when they have something else no one else does they just love to market the hell out of it. You probably can’t make through a day’s worth of TV without seeing an Apple Retina display advert somewhere. The irony is that Samsung and LG actually manufacturer these Retina displays for […]

Samsung: iPhone exists because of Sony

According to Samsung, the iPhone exists because Sony and gives credibility to its story citing an article that was published based on the beliefs of a designer of Sony, which revealed how the phone could look forthcoming over the next year (he was right, that’s for sure). The publication was made on February 22, 2006, […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: With four cores at 1.4Ghz

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was introduced several months ago at the MWC show in Barcelona, but since then has suffered repeated delays and modifications to improve performance. Initially the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 featured a dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM , but eventually will come with a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM […]

Nvidia and AMD to stay with TSMC

With Qualcomm deciding to look elsewhere for 28nm production it seems AMD and Nvidia will not take the same decision. Qualcomm left TSMC after it felt TSMC could not keep up with 28nm SnapDragon S4 chip production. Yet Nvidia and AMD won’t be doing the same according to industry sources. There are a whole number […]

Amazon could be developing a smartphone

Amazon went from being one of the strongest heavyweights of the web with respect to the sale of certain products to being also one of the heavyweights when it comes to hardware. All this was due to the launch of Kindle, its electronic reader, and then the Kindle Fire, its Android tablet that is widely […]