The graphics core Kepler GK 106 has been photographed

Just yesterday we heard about the MSI GTX 660 Power Edition and the Asus GTX 660 DirectCU II, two cards based on the architecture Kepler to arrive in a few days. From what we’ve heard its quite possibly, both cards would be equipped with the graphics core GK 106 and not the GK 104 as […]

GeForce GTX 660: Launched for the OEM market

Nvidia announced the GeForce GTX 660, but for now is only available to the OEM market. This graphics card features 1152 CUDA Cores, and shares the reference design of the GTX 660 Ti and the GTX 670. The arrival of the retail version is scheduled for next September. The GeForce GTX 660 would be equipped […]

Gigabyte GTX 680 Super Over Clock 2GB Graphics Card Review

When we take a look at the vast majority of new cards, the hype has always been based around the GPU core and because of this no particular retail card has had any more favouritism to another before its out of the manufacturers hands and onto the retail market. This has all changed recently and […]

Asus P8Z77-V LX (Z77) Motherboard Review

To some, Z77 may not be a big fuss, as it only offers slight benefits over Z68, but we saw very much a similar experience with P67 to Z68 and so far Z77 has actually been a big success, and you can see the huge array of reviews that we had at launch, from various […]

Microsoft reveals the versions and features of Windows 8

Confirming previous rumors of previous versions of Windows 8, Microsoft has announced through The Windows Blog that its next operating system will come in 3 versions even for the consumer market:¬†Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 RT (RunTime) in addition to the features that each of these versions has. Windows 8 and Windows […]

Nvidia Geforce GT 620 reaches the retail market

Few days ago Nvidia introduced its “new” Geforce 605 GPU and Geforce GT 620, which are actually the old, familiar Geforce 520 and Geforce 510 renamed the new family members GeForce 600 Series GPUs. Although these new GPUs are available initially only for the OEM market, as we thought it would happen, Fudzilla has confirmed […]