Google Nexus 10 Release date and rumors

We first heard about the possible existence of the Google Nexus 10 in July, shortly after the Nexus 7 was released, and rumours have developed from there over the past few months. Google has an event scheduled for October 29 in New York where it’s expected to unveil the next Nexus smartphone plus it could also announce some new […]

Windows Phone 8 release date set for October 29th

Microsoft has sent out invitations for an October 29 Windows Phone 8 launch event. This will come a mere four days after the official Windows 8 OS launch. The invitations themselves show a Windows Phone 8 device and the now-familiar Windows Phone lock screen. On it is a calendar reminder to “Save the Date” of Monday October […]

Intel to release quad-core, LTE-capable Medfield chips later this year

Intel are slowly toying with their Medfield-powered smartphones, releasing them to India, China, Russia and the UK, but surprisingly, they’ve left out the US market for now. Marketing chief, Sumeet Syal has told TechCrunch that their current-gen x86 system-on-chip won’t support LTE, but there is a revised chip coming later this year that will. This […]

Upgrade to iOS 6 before its official release

Apple announced that iOS 6 with all its software updates and new features will be released on September 19, but if you’re impatient, you can update it now in our devices without waiting for Apple to officially put the update via iTunes. The process is simple and does not require much technical knowledge, simply follow […]

Bethesda release Dishonored system requirements

“With less than two months until Dishonored’s release, we want players to prepare their weapons of revenge. No, I’m not talking about our website, I’m talking about the rig PC players intend to play the game on.” Bethesda’s above message was displayed to gamers on its blog as it released its system requirements for the […]

Intel to release four new LGA 1356 processors

Intel launched its LGA 1356 platform only last week. The LGA 1356 socket is adapted from the LGA 2011 and Sandy Bridge-E(P) 32nm platform. The E5-2400 lineup included 9 server processors and three embedded SKUs. However, it now turns out Intel have released four more new processors for this platform. The Xeon E5-2449L, E5-1410, and Pentium 1403 and […]

Koolance release GTX 690 Water Block

Koolance has just made available their VID-NX690 water block intended for use as a full cover water block with reference Nvidia GTX 690 designs. This full cover block measures in at 25.40 x 12.70 x 1.91 cm, it weights 1.02 kg, and features G 1/4 BSP threading and a nickel-plated solid copper base boasting a high-performance microfin […]

ELSA to release their own GTX 670

Japanese company ELSA, which specializes in Quadro and GeForce graphics cards, finally unveiled its Gladiac GeForce GTX 670 graphics card (model: GD670-2GERX). The ELSA’s card sticks to NVIDIA reference design, except for the color of the PCB. It even sticks to reference clock speeds of 915 MHz core, 980 MHz GPU Boost, and 6008 MHz […]

Logitec to release compact Wi-Fi N-300 Router

Logitec Japan unveiled the LAN-W300N/RS line of compact wireless internet routers. Measuring just 56 x 42 x 13.5, weighing 23 g (excluding the light AC adapter), the router is ideal for carrying around, when traveling. Its WLAN module supports 802.11 b/g/n with 300 Mbps transfer rates supported in 802.11 n mode. Its wired interfaces include […]

NZXT release Cryo E40 notebook cooler

NZXT recently announced the Cryo E40 Notebook cooler for laptops up to 15″. The Cryo E40 employs a unique approach to notebook cooling with 2x 80 mm moveable fans that adapt to any laptop configuration. Featuring low-powered magnetic clasps designed to be safe around any piece of technology, users can easily adjust the positioning of […]