Confirmed prices for Office 2013: in line with previous versions

Yesterday we heard about possible updates to Office 2013 from Office 2010, and read that one of the unknowns that remained clear about the new version of the Microsoft Office Suite was the price. Today they have taken care of those concerns in both the case of a subscription to Office 365 as in the […]

These are the new Kindles

The family of Kindle digital readers and tablets has three more members staring this week. The first, called Kindle Fire, is an improvement over the previous version: a 7” inch tablet with ability to surf the web, play music and movies and of course, read digital books. The second is the HD version of Fire, […]

Motorola launches new family of Razr HD

The event organized by Motorola and Verizon happened yesterday evening accompanied by live music and words of Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. There were three devices who will be Motorola’s bid to gain market share this end year. This is the new Droid Razr family, a union of brands that could end up being called […]

Upgrading to Windows 8 Pro will cost $40

Microsoft has unveiled its pricing scheme for the upgrade to its latest operating system, Windows 8. After its launch, anyone with a¬†Windows 7 operating system, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro at a standard price of $39.99 in all major markets – 131 regions, according to Microsoft – one can […]

Barnes & Noble introduces a new Nook, now with Glowlight

The world of e-readers does not take a break, with two high quality competitors, B & W with the Nook and the Amazon Kindle, occasionally pulling sporatic advantages as soon the other responds with something of equal quality. I recently saw the next generation Kindle, yet it is now Barnes & Noble who took the […]

Windows 8, how to download free software for Windows 8

The Consumer Preview version of Windows 8 is available to all users via the internet, the next Microsoft operating system. It is intended for computers but also other mobile devices such as tablets. On Wednesday, the Redmond went to the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2012) in Barcelona to show its latest creation to everyone. In […]

Review of the new Ubuntu 11.10

Last October, Ubuntu released its latest stable version of Linux baptized with the name “Ocelot”. Ubuntu 11.10 just seen the light. It would not be exaggeration to say that Ubuntu is rarely indifferent to system users. If the previous version was already reasonably good (although their desktop environment, Unity, has never reached celebrity status), the […]