This could be the next Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire, the 7-inch tablet with Android launched by Amazon for over a year, will be receiving an update in the coming days, exactly on September 6 in the Amazon event to be held in California, USA. This new image would be a new version, as received by a leak to The Verge. Strongly […]

Nexus 7 is announced on Google homepage

The tablet from Google, Nexus 7, appeared on the front page announced by the famous search engine. The link sends us to Google Play, where you can buy it. Today we saw on the front page of Google the announcement of the Nexus 7, the new Asus tablet from the company based in Mountain View. […]

We put a face to the Galaxy N7100 Samsung Note II

From GSMArena comes the first photo of N7100 Samsung Galaxy II Note that, for now, shows the front of the phone. It can not be announced as the official photo, but it was expected that the Galaxy Note II have a design inspired by the Galaxy S III, and the picture is aligned with the […]

Blackberry shows off the start of BB 10 with Dev Alpha

Research In Motion has shown the first results of BlackBerry 10, its next operating platform. With the introduction of BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha and some samples of what the operating system will offer such as the “Flow” function, a highly intuitive keyboard and a camera that literally “make magic.” The BlackBerry 10 path has been long […]

Facebook deleted photos are stored on servers

Something that not many users of the facebook social network know is that when you delete a photo from your profile or albums, and we think that they are not visible to us or anyone else, it still exists in a social network server, and indeed the image or images can be found again. Obviously […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 Full Phone Specification, Reviews, Price Rate

A successor to the Galaxy S is rumoured, and when Korean newspaper leaked a photo of the Galaxy S2 along with some of the specifications, we feel that it is more than probable that the announcement of this phone will be made at the World Congress in Barcelona. It was only a couple of months […]