Facebook passes a Billion users, and 600 Million mobile users

Facebook passes a Billion users, and 600 Million mobile users

Over a billion people are now using Facebook on a regular basis, with over 600 million of them using mobiles to do so.

To celebrate, the company has released the following video:

Click here to view the embedded video.

The now familiar ‘like’ action has proven popular, with Facebook reporting 1.13 trillion Likes and counting, as well as 140.3 billion friends made on the site.

Sharing photos has always been a major feature of Facebook, so it’s no surprise to hear that 219 billion of the things have been uploaded, while over 300 million more are added every day.

What will will the future of Facebook bring?

Source: Guardian

RIM begins their competition for application developers

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The first phase of the BlackBerry Developer Awards began on Tuesday September 11. This contest is worldwide and was designed to choose the best people for content developers in six different categories:

  • Best Free Software contribution.
  • Active contributor in developer forums.
  • Active contributor in the development team on Twitter.
  • The ‘evangelist’ who should be read the most between developers.
  • The most read developer blog.
  • The BlackBerry most followed developer.
The competition starts for those who want to reward BlackBerry Application Developers

Starting Tuesday through Sept. 16, anyone can nominate their favorite developer online or from Twitter, mentioning @BlackBerryDev with the name you want to nominate, followed by the hashtag #BBDevAwards and category. Each Twitter account can only make one nomination per category.

After that, the finalists will be mentioned and prizes will be awarded in the BlackBerry Jam, a BlackBerry convention that will be held in San Jose, California, later this month. If you would like BlackBerry and have developers who you like then vote him or her.

3 million people still using AOL dial up

3 million people still using AOL dial up

It seems like an absolute age ago when dial up was the most common form of internet, times have moved on leaps and bounds since then with fibre optic broadband packages offering 20/50/100 mbps and Google’s latest 1 gigabit internet package for Kansas city just showing how far the internet has really come.

Yet for some, no progress has been made at all. In fact for the 3 million people are still using AOL dial up – it must be like living in the dark ages for those select few. AOL’s second quarter earnings report shows 3 million customers still on the subscriber list for its dial up service, while this is down from AOL’s record figure of 25 million, 3 million is still a staggering amount for such an appalling service by today’s standards.

The figures show that AOL lost just 84,000 from the prior quarter and 400,000 from a year ago. Now everyone knows that the dialup industry is obviously in permanent decline, but AOL’s subscriber losses last quarter were less than half what they were a year ago.

Although we can only speculate why AOL still has so many customers, it seems likely that it is due to the elderly or technophobic not wanting to change because something is better than nothing.

As Fudzilla describe it, AOL’s dial up service is “slower than an asthmatic ant with a heavy load of shopping.”


A video of the alleged iPhone 5

A new iPhone is coming, in that sense there is no doubt. Although not confirmed by Apple, the Cupertino company is accustomed to releasing a new phone per year. In all of this is also the added arrival of dozens of rumors that allude to the new phone from company. The latest is a video that has been presented as the case of the star smartphone.

The most curious of all is that while many of the rumors always seem to crash and not to mention the same capabilities and features which is related to the design if indeed it does match. It does not mean that it will end up being used by Apple, but it’s a detail that should be noted and taken into account.

The metal back that we saw months before we see again and, best of all, through a video that shows how it could look in the new device, at least the chassis. Then you can see several loose parts. Among them one of the most used in communication that is the home button in white. This, of course, indicates that there will also be a white version and a black version at launch that can be seen in the video clip.

It is clear that this is more or less a rumor than something completely believable. Without going any further, people who leaked the video even end up saying that they are not sure that is the real phone. Maybe, maybe not. Rumors point to a launch in October, so we’ll have to wait a while longer to see if it was true.

We’ll show you the possible details that could end up in the latest iPhone that has been all the talk in recent times:

  • Obviously a 4 inch screen (or close).
  • Audio Jack will head to the bottom of the phone.
  • Connector to changes phone goes from 31 to 19 pins.
  • Front camera in the center.

Google Glass shown for the first time live

A group of paratroopers where dropped from a helicopter using the expected technological glasses from the company’s. During that time they broadcasted live all the action using the built-in camera from the glasses.

As part of the search engine developer conference, Google I/O, one of the company’s founders, Sergey Brin, presented the expected augmented reality glasses. During his speech Brin burst into the conference room with the glasses and started talking about the new product.

But what was most shocking moments later, was when a group of paratroopers were dropped from a helicopter using the Google Project Glasses transmitting live their free fall. After this, the brave characters landed at the place where the meeting takes place.

The transmission was completely live and the people attending Google I/O could see through a screen placed in the conference room until the arrival of the paratroopers.

The interesting thing about this presentation is that Sergey Brin announced that developers attending the meeting may order a prototype of the glasses to the tune of $1500, which they will have access early next year.

It is expected that the final design of the lenses will be available to be marketed during 2013, after the release of the first prototype to those already commissioned their model.

WordPress: how to increase the limit of 30 custom fields

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More people use WordPress as a blogging software but not just for that reason, but also for general websites and even online stores or management of small-scale projects. In many cases,customization is very demanding and long ago started to get to talk about working with custom fields, taxonomies, input formats, post formats, types of inputs (class post), types input (post types), etc.

WordPress sets a limit of 30 custom fields to be display in the editor. We can use more, but we must create them by hand and do not appear in the editor by default. Even if we use a plugin that creates custom fields it will not appear more than thirty.

To increase this limit today I bring you this hook.

We just have to add these lines of code to our functions.php file

/ * Increase the limit of custom fields * /
add_filter (‘postmeta_form_limit’, ‘customfield_limit_increase’);
customfield_limit_increase function ($ limit) {
$ limit = 100;
return $ limit;

This will provide you up to 100 custom fields to use for your posts and pages.

Thanks to WordPress support for the code.

7 Must Tips For Online Marketing And SEO

The primary goal of most website owners is to get found.  Once found, websites should make it easy for website visitors to find exactly the information they seek.  And, once they find this information, the site should compel people to return, or refer other web visitors to the site.

If you want to get found on Google, you need to do a lot of little things in the right way for a long-term cumulative effect.  Simple mistakes in coding or selecting a technology or method that is not conducive to search engines could actually render a website invisible to search engines.

To explain how Google works and what you need to do to ensure that your site is optimized for search engines, I have developed a concept called, “7 Must Tips For Online Marketing And SEO”

1. Crawlability

Crawlability is how easy it is for search engine spiders and robots to get inside your website … to scan the words, photos and videos; and to index that information in its archives.

Websites must have Content that is visible to search engine spiders and robots with no obstacles that may preclude full indexing of the site.  Moreover, the website must load quickly so that search engines can index it efficiently.  An efficient Code to Content ratio means that spiders don’t have to wade through massive markup language to understand the actual message within the Code.

2. Credibility

Credibility has a lot to do with what other people, bloggers and webmasters have to say about you.  For example, the more references or citations to your website, the more credibility you have.  Links to your site from other reputable websites promote the reputation of your site.  Credibility also refers to honest Content that is meant to inform readers, not deceive search engines.

3. Content

Content is the actual words, pictures, links and data you have on your site.  One way search engines determine how relevant you are vis-à-vis a search it to study the Content on your website.

Content should be naturally keyword rich and valuable to readers.  The language on the site must be written in the context of the reader, not necessarily in the language or context of the author.  For example, a doctor should use words that his patients can understand and avoid complex medical and clinical terminology that only other doctors can understand – unless the target audience is other doctors.

Having the right keyword density is a signal to search engines that your site is relevant but not overzealous.  Too high of a keyword density and a site could appear to be forcefully stuffing keywords into a page, which could hurt rather than help.

4. Code

Code refers to the extra emphasis you place on Content behind the scene. Among other things, it involves meta tags, title tags, headings, hyperlinks, bullet lists and other techniques to bring more attention to specific words.

Good Code means meaningful URLs with keywords that include the search terms of your targeted audience.  It also means more Content than Code to markup the page.  Effective use of a single Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) for example and table-less design increases the richness of the Content by reducing the density of the Code.

5. Conversation

Conversation is all about social media. How many people have bookmarked you? How many have shared you on Facebook? How many have Tweeted about you? Is anybody buzzing about your website?

When people find the Content on your website useful, they will help promote your site by talking about it, sharing links on their social media profiles, linking to it and discussing it on forums and online bulletin boards.  Those inbound links help promote a site’s reputation and its Credibility.  Viral marketing tools, such as Facebook connect and social media share chicklets helps promote Conversation, as do blogs that allow comments as do widgets that allow people to embed content from your site to theirs.

6. Competition

Competition refers to a couple of things. First, how many other websites are doing the same thing you are doing?  The more Competitors there are, the more difficult to rank on search engines…

7. Conversion

Conversion refers to a couple of things. First, it is the content within the description tag, which is appears on Google results page.  This information helps a person decide whether or not to click onto your site…

8. Compliance

I know that this page and article is about the 7 Must Tips For Online Marketing And SEO, not to be confused with the Seven Seas, but there is actually an 8th extra tip.  And, to make sure your website is running on all 8 Cylinders, you need to pay attention to the 8th new

tip: Compliance.

Compliance refers to web standards, accessibility for the visual and hearing impaired and Section 508 ComplianceComplying to accessibility standards means that your site is visible to the blind, who use assistive technology devices to read a site’s Content out-loud.

Images with alt attributes help people with visual disabilities understand what is on that photo.  Videos with transcripts helps the hearing impaired read what was spoken in the video.

Complying with web standards helps to avoid code errors that could prevent search engines from understanding your code and content.  And, it helps to reduce the code to content ratio for faster indexing and increased Crawl ability.

How to on Digg’s front page?

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In the web 2.0, Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Propeller etc. are the easy and free way for website owners to place their website before thousands of people. Unless you hit the front page of these social bookmarking websites, you are not going to have any fruits. There is no instant method to reach the front page of social bookmarking websites. I’m now going to give you some tips which will help you reach the front page of social bookmarks.

The Title:
To hit the front page of social bookmarking websites you need to draw the attention of people. If you look at the front page of Digg, the title of almost all articles at the front page draw your attention. Develop a catchy title. Don’t give a false title to attract the people. You’ll be banned.

Description is the next part which will bring the visitors to your site. Once you grabbed the attention of people with title they will look for the description. You need to put a brief explanation about your website/article in just around 200 words. Your description should be short and informative enough to make the reader visit your site.

First Paragraph:
Now you got visitors from social bookmarking sites to your website. Make the first paragraph of your article compelling. Don’t post crap or false info just to hit the front page. Most visitors look the first paragraph and leave away if it is not compelling. Your first paragraph must make the visitor read the full article.

To hit the front page, you need your visitor’s contribution too. They have to submit your article to the social bookmarks. People don’t do this unless you give them any option to do this. Put Social Bookmark buttons below your article. If you have a blog, then you can use Sociable Plugin. If you have a HTML page then you can use https://www.weblogicamedia.com/

These are the basic steps you need to follow in order to hit the front page of Social bookmarking sites. Also having an active profile with social bookmarking sites will help a lot to reach the front page. Having an active profile means, you need to have lots of friends, nice reputations and so.

Remember to analyze the articles at the front page before writing your article.

All the best. Let’s meet you at Digg’s FrontPage!

iOS 6 Could be getting tested ? Could Apple be thinking about its sixth version of its OS?

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And no we won’t stop talking about Apple, and this time the news is not about the expected iPad 3 that is said to arrive next week if nothing else, and it surprised us a lot and that it could turn around all that we expected from Cupertino in terms of software.

What we’ve been saying is that with the iPad 3 there will new new applications and a new version of IOS, and so far we talked about IOS 5.1, this could be completely turned around, because from Ars Technica we’ve discovered there are people using the IOS 6 operating system to access the web. What’s going on?

For what most likely looks like sources from the offices in Cupertino are testing a trial version of their upcoming operating system: iPhone OS 6. Of course, for now, the only truths we have is that some development of this OS is out  there, but nothing assures us that will reach the iPad 3, or the same day.
 Apple may be preparing a new version of operating system, IOS 6

iOS6 could be getting tested by Apple in what is now in its sixth version of its OS? You are probably thinking about it, but do not know when it will launch, and to not get disappointed, I think it will be better to think beyond the launch of the iPad 3, because I think precipitated by all sides, it may be more likely with the arrival of iPhone 5. How do  you guys see it?

More info | Mashable

How to Recover Files From Megaupload After its shutdown

Megaupload was one of the top sharing sites in the world and when it was recently shut down by Feds recently it left thousands of people without their files. While many of these files where illegal anyway many others where not. As was the case of various professionals who used the service to upload their work onto the site. The Feds took no chances and decided to shut down Megaupload.com this obviously has affected many so today I will show you a way to try to retrieve your lost files. This trick works due to the fact that the contents of the web often get cached or copied between various sites this can allow you to recover your lost Megaupload.com files, but I must warn you this may not work for all your files but its worth a shot.

To recover your file you should know either the exact file name and file size or the URL link of the file.

  • If you know the exact URL link for your Megaupload file then search it in the Google . If you have the exact file name and file size then skip to third step.
  • In most cases it will show the file description, file name and file size of your searched URL.
  • Copy the file name and again search it in the Google.
  • Browse search results and look your file on other file sharing websites. You might get error messages while browsing it. You can also use advanced operators for search in Google.

That is it, try this and hopefully you can get your files back.