Need help choosing the Best Mobile GPU ?

If you are looking for a gaming laptop then one obviously one needs to look at the Best Mobile GPU. to use as well. That said lets take for example the HD7690m that compares close to the GTX 660M and for most enthusiasts this has become clear that the GTX 650M is equal to GTX 660m with […]

How to Copy files to Google Drive faster

Google Drive is today one of the alternative ways for storing documents in the cloud is one of the most complete and easy to use. While Google engineers have proved good to their work to provide us with options users comfortable to use, there are still missing some small details that could improve user experience […]

NZXT Cryo E40 Notebook Cooler Review

NZXT are a company targeted more at gamers and enthusiasts than just your average notebook user. That’s why when we received the Cryo E40 from NZXT and had a look at it, we could see straight away it was designed from the ground up with advanced cooling performance in mind. Notebook coolers are somewhat a subjective product. […]

Lucid demonstrate Thunderbolt external graphics solution

When we first brought you our guide to external graphics on notebooks back in January of this year we said that Thunderbolt would change everything. Now that has started to happen. Today, Lucid –  the company who makes Lucid Logix Virtu and MVP, has demonstrated their Thunderbolt based external graphics solution. When your Thunderbolt capable […]

Western Digital introduce 2TB 2.5? hard drive

Currently the only large capacity and widely available 2.5″ drives available on the market are 1.5TB hard drives. Now Western Digital is looking to move things forward by offering 2TB hard drives in the 2.5″ form factor. Under the “WD Green” branding, Western Digital’s lowest performance series, the new WD20NPVT drive brings to the table a […]

MSI give the GT70 and GT60 notebooks the GTX 680M

MSI has updated its infamous GT70 and GT60 gaming notebooks to include the best Nvidia mobile GPU currently on offer. The GT70 and GT60 gaming notebooks are now available with the high performance GTX 680M graphics card that is capable of an impressive P24000 in 3D Mark Vantage. The GTX 680M card, based off Nvidia’s […]

MSI entering SSD market with Sandforce

MSI are better known for their motherboards, graphics cards and gaming notebooks, but they also dabble in cases too. Now it seems they are looking to expand their portfolio even more and move into the SSD storage market. According to LSI-Sandforce corporation, MSI’s latest venture will be SSDs backed by their controllers. On their website […]

Acer Aspire One 756: Netbook with different processors to choose

Netbooks , still alive? Sure, and more so Acer. Today, while Gigabyte makes official its lighter notebooks and ASUS is looking to touchscreens with dual operating system, Acer is still committed to the tried and test format the Netbook that although it costs us to believe with the string of Ultrabooks, they are still investing […]

NVIDIA maintains a good level of sales in the last three months

NVIDIA remains in firm economic terms, with the results for the first three months of the year showing that although they have not sold as much as they would have liked, they remain in positive territory and very much in the green, very ad hoc to company logo. Because in this period they have recorded […]

Maingear Pulse 11: Portable gaming laptop with a 11.6 inch screen

Maingear is already preparing their laptop equipped with a 11.6 inch screen and also will focus on the gamer sector, which has very few models who comply with the specs needed to run current games. It is here that the Maingear Pulse 11 comes into play, a laptop designed to serve both mobility and to […]