What is NFC or Near Field Communication? And How Its Going To Be Used

Near Field Communication or NFC is a new wireless standard which makes wireless data transmission possible between two devices over very short distances. Normally these distance is less than 5cm with data rates between 106 kbit/s and 848 kbit/s. Sounds very similar to bluetooth? It does, but NFC has some very important advantages over the […]

What is missing in the iPhone 5? That is found in all other phones?

Some critics have out swinging hard at Cupertino, with accusations that it was not able to surprise experts. “We could have chosen the easy  route and have designed something more normal and less spectacular, but we did not.” With this comment is how Apple has used to defend its latest creation, the iPhone 5. However, […]

iPhone 5 updated Siri, pricing and launch dates

Finally the coverage about the new iPhone 5 is coming to close. Stemming on from the new features for iOS 6 you will also be able to subscribe to celebrity photo streams. Last on the list of updated features is Siri. It has been tweaked to respond more directly to questions such as answering ”What are […]

New HTC 8X smartphone with Microsoft Windows Phone 8

This week has leaked the new HTC 8X, a smartphone based on Microsoft Windows Phone 8. Let your specifications. This new device has a 4.3 inch screen with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 SoC consisting of a dual-core processor architecture [email protected] GHz and 1 GB of […]

Analyst: Nexus 7 no threat to the iPad

According to Brian White, despite the compelling value that presents the new tablet from Google, this can not possibly threaten the supremacy of the Apple device on the market, and should focus instead on facing the Amazon Kindle Fire. Its because to a member of Topeka Capital Markets the technical specifications of the Nexus 7, […]