AMD Piledriver pricing revealed

AMD’s next generation of desktop processors are due for release very soon. The second generation of 32nm processors from AMD, codenamed Piledriver, will continue the Vishera FX platform on the AM3+ socket and with the 990FX chipset. Now what you all came here for… An American retailer has leaked some information about the price of […]

Intel stays quiet on smartphones at IDF

We know that smartphones are one particular market Intel is throwing billions into. Yet at IDF 2012 they’ve chosen not to mention anything about their plans for Intel smartphones and smartphone SoCs. The general feeling is that Intel won’t talk about phones at all and that this part of business will probably align with big […]

New Thinner PlayStation 3 on the way

A previous PlayStation 3 slim down that occurred in 2009 Even with the next generation of Xbox and PlayStation consoles on the horizon it seems Sony still wants to fully milk the PlayStation 3 for all its commercial value. Sony has a long history of redesigning consoles and releasing new models as better technology allows […]

Amazon to get involved with 3D Mapping – Acquire UpNext

Amazon is a constantly changing company, its latest business move sees it moving into the world of 3D Mapping. Amazon have just acquired the four man company UpNext, a small business that specialise in 3D Mapping and currently produce a free iPhone App. Neither Amazon or UpNext have disclosed any details publicly about the deal […]

Apple discontinues the17-inch MacBook Pro

Apple made a move quickly and quietly that few noticed. After the flashy IOS 6 ads, Apple Maps, Siri and improving the next generation of Macbook Pro with Retina Display, Apple took the veteran 17-inch MacBook from its list of products. We began to wonder why we did not hear the news or announcements of […]

Barnes & Noble introduces a new Nook, now with Glowlight

The world of e-readers does not take a break, with two high quality competitors, B & W with the Nook and the Amazon Kindle, occasionally pulling sporatic advantages as soon the other responds with something of equal quality. I recently saw the next generation Kindle, yet it is now Barnes & Noble who took the […]

Nvidia Geforce GTX 670 Ti will come next month

The Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 GPU is the first desktop GPU architecture based on Kepler and built on the GK104 core, and though it has few weeks before being launched, Nvidia plans to launch a second GPU based desktop GK104, which probably will be called Geforce GTX 670 Ti. In the new Geforce GTX 670 Ti […]

The New Toshiba Qosmio X870

The company Toshiba is not going to leave out one of its most important series and that is why they are bringing out a new model for computer gamers. The new Toshiba Qosmio X870 is a laptop that has a diagonal shape but acceptable, measuring 17.3 inches. Given these measures, there is more to this […]