Xbox Music to launch with Windows 8

Rumor has it that Microsoft is set to launch “Xbox Music” on the same day as the Windows 8 launch. As it sounds, this looks to be a music service to follow in the footsteps of Microsoft’s failed Zune platform. In recent years, Microsoft has had clear intention of sticking with the brands it’s best known for, […]

UK Music stars ask for more anti-piracy measures

Some of the biggest names in the UK’s music industry, like Simon Cowell and Elton John, have sent an official letter to the UK prime minister David Cameron asking for stronger anti-piracy measures to be put into place. The UKs richest music celebrities clearly think the best way to prevent music piracy is by pressuring […]

Windows 8 will improve playback of movies and music

Technology giant revealed on its blog Building Windows 8 things that they are doing to improve the capacity of audio and video in the new Microsoft operating system. publication written by Scott Manchester, Manager Media Platform and Technologies, explains the series of steps being taken by the group of developers of the company to give users […]

Samsung rumored to release ‘S-Cloud’

According to a report by South Korean newspaper Maeil Business, Samsung may release a cloud service alongside the next Galaxy device, on May 3rd. Since the Samsung Galaxy devices run on Google’s Android, they already have access to the media and application store “Google Play”. However, the cloud service will apparently be coming with a […]