Sapphire Pure Platinum A85XT (A85X) Motherboard Review

Last month saw the release of AMD’s latest platform; FM2 which features a whole new range of APU processors, codenamed Trinity and offers a nice upgrade from the original FM1 Llano range of products. With a new platform or socket, we see a barrage of manufacturers aiming to get their products to market as quickly […]

ASRock FM2A85X Extreme4-M: Small Micro-ATX motherboard

The other day we learned about the ASRock FM2A85X Extreme4 a very interesting motherboard that has the FM2 socket, so it is intended for the future Triniy APU and the Athlon II 700 Series. Today is the turn of the ASRock FM2A85X Extreme4-M, a Micro-ATX motherboard format and that basically it is quite similar to the Extreme4 […]

AMD Trinity APU tested in fanless mode

Via the site fanlesstech, AMD Japan in association with Asus for a test of its new fanless APU Trinity. AMD is apparently experiencing the need to put a little more forward in its new APU Trinity, has demonstrated an APU A10-5700 cooled passively mounted on a Asus F2-A85-M Pro motherboard inside a Streacom FC5 case, a […]

MSI FM2-A85XA-G65 (A85X) Motherboard Review

Today sees the official launch for AMD’s new APU platform named Virgo. It doesn’t just include a whole stack of new APU processors, but also sees a release of some new motherboards, featuring the FM2 socket and of course a variety of new chipsets. The flagship chipset for the FM2 platform is the A85X chip […]

VIA EPIA-M920: Mini-ITX Motherboard with a QuadCore processor

The manufacturer VIA has presented a rather interesting motherboard, its the VIA EPIA-M920 which is based on the Mini-ITX format and also has a quad-core processor inside. It is available in two versions, one equipped with the dual core VIA Eden X2 processor at 1Ghz, and another version called the VIA QuadCore E Series that […]

ASRock Z77 Pro4 (Z77) Motherboard Review

It’s been quite some time since we’ve had an ASRock board in our hands for testing. In fact it was just before Christmas last year when we looked at the X79 Extreme9 board which impressed us so much that it ended up leaving with an Editor’s Choice award. Since then ASRock have been busy churning […]

MSI Big Bang XPower II (X79) Motherboard Review

With Intel releasing the X79 and Z77 chipsets quite some time ago now, we’ve seen a small amount of new motherboards hitting the market, therefore not finding many reviews of new boards here. You will however find an influx of top-selling boards that were released at the time of launch, which have made it to […]

Lucid demonstrate Thunderbolt external graphics solution

When we first brought you our guide to external graphics on notebooks back in January of this year we said that Thunderbolt would change everything. Now that has started to happen. Today, Lucid –  the company who makes Lucid Logix Virtu and MVP, has demonstrated their Thunderbolt based external graphics solution. When your Thunderbolt capable […]

ASRock break 3770K OC world record with Z77 OC Formula

ASRock, Gigabyte, MSI and ASUS always seem to be battling with each other to bag those overclocking world records. By snatching the lead for a few days, weeks or sometimes months it gives them something to brag about which normally ends up in the marketing materials. ASRock are the latest company to take the upper […]

ECS announces AMD FM2 Golden Motherboard

ECS captured the imagination of the enthusiast market earlier on this year when it launched the Golden Intel LGA 1155 motherboard. Although the product was very expensive, it was unique and held very good overclocking capabilities. ECS has now cooked up another Golden masterpiece except this time for AMD, but strangely they’ve opted for FM2 […]