Google IO 2012: Jelly Bean is presented as Android 4.1, an update with optimizations

Earlier this year, speculation raised that the next version of Android would be dubbed “Jelly Bean”. Obviously not, because during Google IO Conference 2012 it was officially revealed that Android 4.1 would be the version that we would see as Google’s mobile OS this Q3 2012. Which has been classified simply as an update and not […]

Microsoft Surface: An interesting tablet that does not really introduce anything new

Much ado has been made about the Microsoft’s presentation that just occurred in Los Angeles. It was hoped for a new hardware product and Microsoft has not failed, it just presented the Microsoft Surface , the first tablet with a 9.3mm in thickness that works with Windows 8. Steve Ballmer made an analogy at the […]

Blackberry shows off the start of BB 10 with Dev Alpha

Research In Motion has shown the first results of BlackBerry 10, its next operating platform. With the introduction of BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha and some samples of what the operating system will offer such as the “Flow” function, a highly intuitive keyboard and a camera that literally “make magic.” The BlackBerry 10 path has been long […]

HP to launch new webOS and Windows 8 tablets

HP’s CEO, Meg Whitman, has confirmed in an interview that the company will launch a new tablet operating system called webOS. In addition, HP also intends to market tablets that use Microsoft’s next operating system, Windows 8. Since HP decided to turn webOS into a system of open source there has been speculation how the company […]