Facebook passes a Billion users, and 600 Million mobile users

Over a billion people are now using Facebook on a regular basis, with over 600 million of them using mobiles to do so. To celebrate, the company has released the following video: Click here to view the embedded video. The now familiar ‘like’ action has proven popular, with Facebook reporting 1.13 trillion Likes and counting, […]

Apple expected to sell 10 million iPhone 5s in first week

Even if you aren’t Apple’s biggest fan and you don’t like the way they do business, in fact even if you don’t like anything about Apple at all, you have to give Apple credit because they certainly know how to sell a smartphone or two (or 10 million. According to analysts that have spoken to […]

Ouya bags $8.6 million from KickStarter

Well it seemed to drag on for an age, but finally the Ouya KickStarter funding scheme has expired after 30 days. The initial target was to reach $ 950,000 for the project to become viable. However, that figure was easily surpassed in less than a day. The final total generated was a staggering $ 8,596,475 with 63,416 […]

83 million Facebook accounts fake, invalid or duplicate

Facebook has recently announce that 83 million of its 955 million user accounts are actually fake, invalid or duplicate. News that is probably going to send Facebook shares down a bit more, Facebook just can’t seem to catch a lucky break these days. 83.09 million accounts are invalid for a number of reasons according to […]

3 million people still using AOL dial up

It seems like an absolute age ago when dial up was the most common form of internet, times have moved on leaps and bounds since then with fibre optic broadband packages offering 20/50/100 mbps and Google’s latest 1 gigabit internet package for Kansas city just showing how far the internet has really come. Yet for […]

Skype: Downloads for its Android application reaches 70 million

Since its inception in October 2010 in Google Play Store, the Android Skype application, which allows video calls, has been downloaded more than 70 million times. The company, owned by Microsoft, said that the platform runs video call in about 1,400 devices, including HTC Android phones, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG and others. The Skype […]

ASRock confident of achieving 2012 target of 9 million motherboards

ASRock’s COO Hsu Lung-luen today revealed that ASRock are very confident that they will meet their own target of shipping 9 million motherboards for 2012. This comes after last years figures where they only shipped 7.8 million, below the same 9 million target. So far ASRock has shipped 3.7 million boards, 2 million in Q1 and […]