AMD chipsets will not support PCIe 3.0 until 2013

Several months ago there was a rumor circulating on the web information on the possible inclusion in the new AMD chipsets, under the roadmap of AMD for this year, for support for PCIe 3.0 with future AMD chipsets 1090FX and 1070 , for AMD FX-Series microprocessors  first-and second-generation socket AM3 + motherboards. As reported by […]

SIMULIA Abaqus GPU Accelerated Direct Solver will improve the overall speed of a Quad Core CPU

From FireUser they bring us an interesting comparative which explores the performance benefits of server computers multi-socket/node configurations that AMD FirePro professional video cards offer under the application of simulation : Simulia Abaqus Direct Solver. Recent versions of Abaqus Direct Solver is compatible with the standard API-accelerated GPU computing (GPGPU) OpenCL, and by using the […]

Intel prepares new unlocked Ivy Bridge-DT

Today we had a deluge of news from Intel, and we got another. From Fudzilla they report that Intel plans to launch two new microprocessors Ivy Bridge-DT with an unlocked multiplier, part of its family of microprocessors Core ix “K Series”. The new chips do not yet have an official name, but most likely will […]

ASUS announces new motherboards P8Z77 LK-V and-V LX P8Z77

ASUS announces two new motherboards based on Intel Z77, designed for Intel recent Ivy Bridge-DT microprocessors, which promotes itself as “economic choices”, the new boards are: ASUS P8Z77-V LK The most advanced of the two new motherboards, has heatsinks for the VRM, and three PCIe 16X, capable of operating in 8X mode 8X +8X +4X […]

Intel 8 Series Chipsets “Lynx Point” will be manufactured at 32nm

few hours ago we learned that future Intel chipsets 8 Series “Lynx Point” will have a 50% lower consumption than the current 7 Series chipsets Intel “Panther Point”, this lower consumption is attributed to improvements in the energy profiles, but according to leaked most of the reduction in consumption should use the 32nm manufacturing process. […]

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6: Mercury Playback Engine with support for OpenCL

A few weeks ago it revealed some features of Adobe Photoshop CS6, and today is the turn of Premiere Pro CS6, which as expected also comes with many new features. Premiere Pro CS6 will be released Q2 this year (April to June) with new components: Encore Media Encoder CS6 and CS6, whose new features are […]

Prices of Intel Xeon E5-4600 Series microprocessors

Last month Intel presented its new microprocessors for servers and workstations with a dual-socket (2P) Xeon E5-2600 series, which followed the Xeon microprocessors E5-1600 series platforms mono-socket, and now the new Xeon E5-4600 series quad-socket platforms (4P), based on the Sandy Bridge-EP core. Like his brothers the E5-1600 and E5-2600 Series, the Xeon E5-4600 Series […]

Eurocom Panther 4.0 Notebook now with Xeon E5-2690 8-core

Eurocom, a known manufacturer of high-end laptops with similar features to those of desktop computers, introduced a few weeks ago to add to their latest creation: the notebook Eurocom Panther 4.0, now announces that they offer the new Intel Xeon E5 microprocessors Series. According to Eurocom the Panther 4.0 notebook PC is powered by the […]

The Chinese CPUs are only the beginning: China is making its own GPUs

In recent years Chinese Loongson microprocessors (formerly known as Dragonson and Godson) was built around AMD’s HyperTransport bus (or even be compatible with AMD chipsets), have given much to talk about, impressing even Intel itself, and constantly innovate, creating the first UPU (CPU + GPU unified): the microprocessor IC1 from iCube. Loongson has even been […]

AMD FX-6200 Tested

AMD quietly launched its FX-6200 microprocessor at the end of last year, but interestingly this microprocessor went almost unnoticed and without tech media coverage, but PC Perspective bring us at last a review of at the moment most powerful microprocessor line of FX-6000 Series. The Microprocessor, AMD FX-6200 (U.S. $ 169) is based on the […]