Intel Ivy Bridge: Comparison of performance of RAM at different speeds

The new Intel microprocessors that are gaining attention lately, is the Ivy Bridge for socket LGA 1155 that happens to come with Sandy Bridge, that have some improvements over the previous generation among which its integrated memory controller (IMC ) , with native support for DDR3 RAM at 1600 MHz against BMI of Sandy Bridge […]

Watch Intel demo that shows the capabilities of its triple-monitor portable Ivy Bridge-MB

The new microprocessor-DT Ivy Bridge and Ivy Bridge-MB, the first CPUs based on the new Ivy Bridge Intel architecture  are very close to its official launch, which will be held within two to three weeks (most likely be released on April 23). During their event Intel Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2012 in China gave a demonstration of a laptop equipped with a microprocessor-MB Ivy Bridge, whose exact model was not released, but it should be a Core i7 as has 4 physical cores, 8 threads an Intel HD 4000 graphics processing card. The demonstration shows the triple-capacity computer monitor showing a video encoding with MediaExpresso utility (which uses the Quick Sync unit 2.0), […]

Geforce GTX 680 vs. Radeon HD 7970: Review with 21 games and overclocking

From the famous Alien Babel Tech known for being one of the most extensive at performing graphics tests from different drivers and graphics cards, brings us their most recent reviews comparing the recent Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 against AMD Radeon HD 7970, the 2 higher powered GPUs from Nvidia and AMD. This extensive benchmark consists […]

AMD FX-6200 Tested

AMD quietly launched its FX-6200 microprocessor at the end of last year, but interestingly this microprocessor went almost unnoticed and without tech media coverage, but PC Perspective bring us at last a review of at the moment most powerful microprocessor line of FX-6000 Series. The Microprocessor, AMD FX-6200 (U.S. $ 169) is based on the […]