Why upgrading to LTE is important for carriers and consumers

The great migration has begun. It began in late 2010, when two US wireless carriers, Verizon and MetroPCS, launched LTE networks. In the year that followed both companies expanded. Essentially everyone else has followed suit. Bell, Rogers, and Telus now have 4G LTE networks that will continue to expand until they cover most of the […]

Amazon announces four new models of its Kindle Fire tablet

The devices are available in two sizes: 7 and 8.9 inches. One of them has 4G connectivity via LTE, for which Amazon will sell its own data plan. When we began to speculate on the Amazon presentation today, the most optimistic talk was of two new models of the Kindle Fire. But Jeff Bezos and […]

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2: Leaked new tablet features with W8

We know that although Microsoft has launched its own tablet and will compete with companies that are licensed with them. Long ago, the company revealed that they knew it would be like this. Anyway, those that where working on developing their own tablets did not stop, this is logical, and gradually we are getting to […]

Intel buys 1700 wireless patents from InterDigital

InterDigital and Intel Corporation recently announced that InterDigital’s subsidiaries have signed a definitive agreement to sell to Intel roughly 1,700 patents and patent applications for $ 375 million in cash. The agreement involves patents primarily related to 3G, LTE and 802.11 technologies. InterDigital is an active developer of advanced wireless technologies including WCDMA (Wideband CDMA), HSDPA (High Speed Download Packet […]