Gigabyte Z77X-UP7: Officially Launched

The manufacturer Gigabyte has released the Gigabyte Z77X-UP7 motherboard, a model based on the Intel Z77 Express chipset which is positioned as the current top model for LGA1155 socket. This is a motherboard aimed at demanding users, but especially for overclock lovers. Among its most important features, we find a 32-phase Power design, so its […]

Colorful GTX 680 Liquid Nitrogen Prototype

Colorful Colorful showed recently its latest card called Colorful GTX 680 Liquid Nitrogen Prototype, a model that comes ready to use with air cooling and also by liquid nitrogen. The Colorful GTX 680 Liquid Nitrogen Prototype is equipped with a large aluminum heatsink but lets just say that it is modular, has 26 heatpipes and a […]

Ivy Bridge: i7 3770K Processor reaches a record high of over 7 GHz

Yesterday we learned that the AMD FX-8150 had again broken its own record, reaching this time 8805.64 MHz but today was Intel’s turn with its third generation of Intel Core Ivy Bridge. Gigabyte has announced a record  that has been beaten with the Intel Core i7 3770K  processor, paired with a Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H,that exceeded 7 […]

AMD Bulldozer FX 8150 breaches 8.8GHz

AMD’s FX may have been an almost total let down for the mainstream consumer market but across the extreme overclocking community AMD platforms make some of the best overclocking systems. Whilst Llano FM1 is widely recognised for its ability to help memory reach record levels, Bulldozer and AM3+ performs extremely well under LN2 cooling. The […]