BitFenix releases Spectre Pro White LED fans and Recon White Fan Controller

Today, BitFenix is releasing the Recon White fan controller and the Spectre Pro All White LED fan series, two products for users who prefer white-themed computers. The Recon White fan controller is quite interesting because it enables users to connect to it using smartphones, tablets or laptops via the Internet. It has five fan channels, […]

Great news for those looing for a gaming laptop, Nvidia GeForce 600M Series

Without making too much noise, Nvidia has released a total of four 600M series graphics cards, which are intended for laptops. Specifically the cards are called GeForce GT 625M, GeForce GT 645M, GeForce 675MX 670MX and GeForce GTX. The GeForce 600M Series Graphics cards continues to expand, but the top model remains the GeForce GTX […]

Toshiba Satellite U845W

As if all that we have seen was not enough the renowned company Toshiba just added a new ultraportable to the already plagued netbooks market, tablets and laptops are increasingly lightweight and powerful. This time it is a laptop that the company unveiled at Computex this year as the new proposal from the so-called “ultrabooks […]

HP introduces its new line of computers with Windows 8

Few days ago I posted about the presentation of the new Sleekbook of HP, but these two laptops were only the beginning. HP also introduced two other systems, one being a desktop computer and the other a notebook. The HP Pavilion ENVY m4 is the latest laptop from the company. It is a 14-inch machine designed […]

MSI announces improvements to its GE60 and GE70 gaming laptops

MSI has announced a series of enhancements to its portable gaming GE60 and GE70 laptops to further increase performance. These laptops will become part of next Intel Ivy Bridge upgrade as well as the faster Nvidia GTX 660M graphics core, which is an improvement of around 15% over the previous GTX 560M and GT 650M. They […]

Microsoft detected a virus preinstalled on their computers

The software giant found that some of the equipment manufactured in China containing a virus installed even before they reached the consumer. Given this fact, Microsoft filed a lawsuit against a group of companies providing Internet domains being related to the attack. As reported by The Huffington Post, a group of researchers from the company […]

Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 and Z500 announced

The portable market is still expanding, and those who do not update their product line simply stay out of the party, and for that reason Lenovo improves its Z family by adding two new models, the Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 and Z500 14 inches and 15.6 inches respectively. According to the manufacturer, these new devices are […]

Will tablets overcome? laptops in 2015?

A report by Altran consultancy signals that Apple as the most powerfull manufacturer within three years, Android operating system as the most  widespread and Orange mobile operators in most demand. In little time, tablets have become one of the most demanded products of hardware globally and almost all manufacturers have launched their own proposals on […]

Intel Core i3 ‘Ivy Bridge’ is now official

Just hours after launching one last rumor came official information: Intel Core i3 ‘Ivy Bridge’ already on the market with five initial models, all aimed at desktops and covering the range between 117 and 147 dollars. Below would be the Pentium and Celeron and upper class the i5 and i7, all Ivy Bridge. The five […]

Lenovo IdeaPad Y400 and Y500, high end laptops with great potential born in the IFA

Today is the last day of the IFA 2012 and manufacturers still have things to show, especially Lenovo, who have had a spectacular edition at the Technology Fair, presenting various models of all-in-one computers, an ultrabook and a Transformer tablet with Android operating system. But to finish they had a surprise two great potential laptops, […]