Intel stays quiet on smartphones at IDF

We know that smartphones are one particular market Intel is throwing billions into. Yet at IDF 2012 they’ve chosen not to mention anything about their plans for Intel smartphones and smartphone SoCs. The general feeling is that Intel won’t talk about phones at all and that this part of business will probably align with big […]

Apps to record your desktop in Windows and Mac

During the course of the week in our download section which is devoted to programs and applications such as one to record or capture your desktop, we commented some free and paid applications that allow us to perform this action, which is of paramount for us and useful when we want to do video tutorials, […]

Who says Microsoft and Apple don’t get along

Apple to use image data from Microsoft in its Maps App. A new feature that Apple has introduced in its Keynote on Monday at the start of WWDC 2012 was iOS6. This new version of its mobile operating system, has among many things a fresh new map application, whose function is that it uses Google, […]

NVIDIA Officially Announces GeForce GTX 690

The countdown ended and recently for NVIDIA on April 28 as it officially announced the brand new GeForce GTX 690 , dual-GPU card based on Kepler and coming to take the throne as the most powerful video card on the market, this is ofcourse as we site an wait for what may show the Radeon […]