Skype For iOS At last Gets All-important Support For The New iPhone 5 Screen

Skype for iOS has finally got the update that every iPhone 5 users have already been looking forward to. Apple launched the iPhone 5 2 months ago, and it took Microsoft that long to supply iPhone 5 support to the Skype iOS app. The iPhone 5 has a bigger 16:9 4-inch display, which provides users […]

Apple begins shipping adapters for the new ‘dock’ for iPhone 5

Apple has begun shipping the first adapters for the new 9-pin connector for iPhone 5 and the new iPod. It is a fitting that the previous models of iPhone and iPod need in order to run the latest from the ‘smartphone’ company. The first shipments come more than three weeks after the launch of iPhone […]

Samsung adds the iPhone 5 in its lawsuit against Apple

The legal dispute between Apple and Samsung does not end: The company filed papers to add the iPhone 5 to the lawsuit against the company on the block that had previously sued. Samsung says the new smartphone infringes on eight of its patents, the same that would be infringed by the iPad, iPad 2, iPhone […]

Sharp begin production on 5-inch 1080p screens with 443ppi

Move over, Retina display, there’s a new player in town who wants to stomp all over you. Sharp are said to have begun mass production of 5-inch, 1080p displays late last month. The new displays from Sharp sport a 1080×1920 resolution with an insane 443 pixels per inch (PPI). Comparing this to the competition, the […]

The map apps in the Galaxy S III and Lumia 920 beats Apple

Nokia has made a comparison between mapping services of its new Lumia 920 with those available in other two smartphones that are more competitive on the market: the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Apple iPhone 5. The Apple Maps application is the worst of all in this comparative information for not offering public transportation […]

Win a Nokia Lumia 820 Windows 8 Phone With Scancom

With the great success of our iPhone 5 competition, where we teamed up with we decided to team up again to give one lucky reader the chance to win the new Nokia 820 Windows 8 phone. Nokia recently announced the addition of the 820 to its Lumia range and with this comes a new phone […]

Win The New Apple iPhone 5 with Scancom

As you may know, the iPhone 5 is due to be released on 21st September 2012 and is one of the most talked devices of the year with 4G connectivity that will actually work globally, unlike the iPad that graced us not so long ago. If you wasn’t aware of this new device, then where […]

What is missing in the iPhone 5? That is found in all other phones?

Some critics have out swinging hard at Cupertino, with accusations that it was not able to surprise experts. “We could have chosen the easy  route and have designed something more normal and less spectacular, but we did not.” With this comment is how Apple has used to defend its latest creation, the iPhone 5. However, […]

Apple Introduces New iPod nano and new iPod touch

Besides presenting the new iPhone 5, Apple also had the luxury of revealing the new generation of iPod. This is a new iPod nano and new iPod touch. The iPod nano (top) gets a couple of changes in its body and now looks more like its big brother, the iPod touch. The new changes involve […]

iPhone 5 updated Siri, pricing and launch dates

Finally the coverage about the new iPhone 5 is coming to close. Stemming on from the new features for iOS 6 you will also be able to subscribe to celebrity photo streams. Last on the list of updated features is Siri. It has been tweaked to respond more directly to questions such as answering ”What are […]