The iPad Mini with LTE will be delayed until late November

Recently made available to users the iPad Mini, but only the version with WiFi connectivity. Those who opt for the model that also includes LTE mobile connectivity will have to be patient and wait, probably until the end of November. When the iPad official his stores many wondered about LTE connective with the iPad Mini […]

Tim Cook: “Surface is a confusing product”

Hours after the official launch, Apple CEO criticized Microsoft’s new tablet. In his opinion, the iPad has no competition Tim Cook did not wait long to review Microsoft Surface. It was overwhelming to know that he think of Surface “a confusing product.” “When people look at the competition, they will want to go with an […]

Apple looks discontinue the iPad 2 to make room for the iPad Mini

The Cupertino are considering removing the iPad 2 from its product line when the iPad Mini is presented, according to what we have heard from some financial analysts. Discontinuation of iPad 2 may also gives a clue about how Apple intends to price the new tablet. Analyst Rob Cihra said in a letter to investors […]

What does Microsoft Surface RT offer versus Apple’s iPad

On October 26, Microsoft will star in one of the most anticipated announcements of the year. The arrival of Windows 8 that will be accompanied by the arrival of its Surface RT tablet. The goal is to compete with the almighty Apple iPad, do you think they will succeed ? Earlier this week, Microsoft announced […]

Samsung adds the iPhone 5 in its lawsuit against Apple

The legal dispute between Apple and Samsung does not end: The company filed papers to add the iPhone 5 to the lawsuit against the company on the block that had previously sued. Samsung says the new smartphone infringes on eight of its patents, the same that would be infringed by the iPad, iPad 2, iPhone […]

ASUS Windows RT Tablets will come with a high price tag ?

This coming October we await the arrival of Windows 8 and of course, the first computers and devices with this new operating system, including a first batch of tablets with Windows RT as the ones we saw presented during the IFA 2012. However, in the case of ASUS prices could be much higher than imagined. […]

Win The New Apple iPhone 5 with Scancom

As you may know, the iPhone 5 is due to be released on 21st September 2012 and is one of the most talked devices of the year with 4G connectivity that will actually work globally, unlike the iPad that graced us not so long ago. If you wasn’t aware of this new device, then where […]

Upgrade to iOS 6 before its official release

Apple announced that iOS 6 with all its software updates and new features will be released on September 19, but if you’re impatient, you can update it now in our devices without waiting for Apple to officially put the update via iTunes. The process is simple and does not require much technical knowledge, simply follow […]

[Review]The iPhone 5 is now official: 4-inch, LTE, new connector and A6 processor

Apple has introduced the iPhone 5. As expected, the new ‘smartphone of Cupertino has been the star of the presentation in San Francisco. The new device meets the 4 inches that was expected, A6 processor, new aluminum design, 8-pin connector and the expected LTE connection. In addition, the terminal will have iOS6 the latest mobile […]

Apple now wants to compete with Spotify

The Cupertino company is working on a streaming service to personalize the music charts. Meanwhile, closes details for the expected launch of the iPhone 5 this week The company, founded by the late Steve Jobs, is negotiating to license a new music service that will be, very different from iTunes. The approach would be similar […]