Skype For iOS At last Gets All-important Support For The New iPhone 5 Screen

Skype for iOS has finally got the update that every iPhone 5 users have already been looking forward to. Apple launched the iPhone 5 2 months ago, and it took Microsoft that long to supply iPhone 5 support to the Skype iOS app. The iPhone 5 has a bigger 16:9 4-inch display, which provides users […]

The map apps in the Galaxy S III and Lumia 920 beats Apple

Nokia has made a comparison between mapping services of its new Lumia 920 with those available in other two smartphones that are more competitive on the market: the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Apple iPhone 5. The Apple Maps application is the worst of all in this comparative information for not offering public transportation […]

Upgrade to iOS 6 before its official release

Apple announced that iOS 6 with all its software updates and new features will be released on September 19, but if you’re impatient, you can update it now in our devices without waiting for Apple to officially put the update via iTunes. The process is simple and does not require much technical knowledge, simply follow […]

iPhone 5 updated Siri, pricing and launch dates

Finally the coverage about the new iPhone 5 is coming to close. Stemming on from the new features for iOS 6 you will also be able to subscribe to celebrity photo streams. Last on the list of updated features is Siri. It has been tweaked to respond more directly to questions such as answering ”What are […]

Photoshop Touch for iOS and Android gets updated with interesting improvements

Photoshop Touch, is the popular Adobe design editor mobile application designed specifically for tablets, which just received a major update in the latest 1.3 version and brought interesting improvements for both iOS and Android. For those unfamiliar with this application, I commented that users will have the ability to create layered images, edit their images […]

Will tablets overcome? laptops in 2015?

A report by Altran consultancy signals that Apple as the most powerfull manufacturer within three years, Android operating system as the most  widespread and Orange mobile operators in most demand. In little time, tablets have become one of the most demanded products of hardware globally and almost all manufacturers have launched their own proposals on […]

FinePix F800EXR: Transfer all photos to your smartphone without a single cable

One of the biggest inconveniences with digital cameras, that feature is the tedious task of having to transfer photos to your computer or laptop so you can share with friends and family. Fuji has realized that little pitfall that prevented easier use of our equipment and just introduced one of the few cameras on the […]

Amazon to get involved with 3D Mapping – Acquire UpNext

Amazon is a constantly changing company, its latest business move sees it moving into the world of 3D Mapping. Amazon have just acquired the four man company UpNext, a small business that specialise in 3D Mapping and currently produce a free iPhone App. Neither Amazon or UpNext have disclosed any details publicly about the deal […]

Apple discontinues the17-inch MacBook Pro

Apple made a move quickly and quietly that few noticed. After the flashy IOS 6 ads, Apple Maps, Siri and improving the next generation of Macbook Pro with Retina Display, Apple took the veteran 17-inch MacBook from its list of products. We began to wonder why we did not hear the news or announcements of […]