Google IO 2012: Jelly Bean is presented as Android 4.1, an update with optimizations

Earlier this year, speculation┬áraised that the next version of Android would be dubbed “Jelly Bean”. Obviously not, because during Google IO Conference 2012 it was officially revealed that Android 4.1 would be the version that we would see as Google’s mobile OS this Q3 2012. Which has been classified simply as an update and not […]

Review: Kingston Wi-Drive, external storage with Wi-Fi

External storage has been around a long time, indeed, besides it is nothing new and for many it may be even strange that there is some kind of innovation with these devices. Now, the need arises when users of Apple products do not have the option to grow their internal storage devices, since they do […]

You can now enjoy your favorite social games from your mobile with Zynga Express

As a good Cityville addict, I went on vacation thinking about what would happen to my city in my absence, only to realize that I could continue managing it from my mobile phone. Its because Zynga, the social gaming giant, introduced a mobile platform to access a range of functions of several of its most […]

Speed up your wireless connection

One of the things we like the most while online is the speed of our Internet connection. For many a slow connection is a nuisance or downtime and many of these problems usually occur when connecting wirelessly, ie through wi-fi. While surfing the net, I found a very simple program that we can use, but […]

How to reduce the size of a video in Windows Movie Maker

In this tutorial you will learn, how to create and compress videos in Windows Movie Maker from Microsoft. It is now very common to see both teens and adults sharing on the Internet moments of their lives in situations ranging from the weirdest to the most humorous. This is done through the various social networks, […]

Review of the new Ubuntu 11.10

Last October, Ubuntu released its latest stable version of Linux baptized with the name “Ocelot”. Ubuntu 11.10 just seen the light. It would not be exaggeration to say that Ubuntu is rarely indifferent to system users. If the previous version was already reasonably good (although their desktop environment, Unity, has never reached celebrity status), the […]